Racists Don’t Actually Care About Chicago Gun Violence Talking Point

Anti-Black Lives Matter love talking about black on black crime in Chicago to try to change the subject of police brutality and murder. Cenk Uygur and Jayar Jackson, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Jayar Jackson
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Jayar Jackson


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    • Not against it. I think almost no one is against equality. Its a matter of
      how you achieve it / or when it has been achieved. Personally I am very
      negative towards BLM because they are simply misusing stats.
      Wall street journal says it all. They are not killed more by police than
      whites when you see it in the context of how much crime they are
      committing. We can have a conversation about why they are doing that –
      poverty etc. But this hate towards police is nonsense (even though we do
      have a police-violence issue which needs to be addressed – however its not
      a COLOR police violence issue).

      And of course some of their members believe white males (or whites in
      general) should not be able to have thoughts on different subjects because
      of their color (racism) .

      And some of their members believe whites should pay compensations because
      of slavery – which is racism; making everyone pay because of the actions of
      few and you’ll have to pay simply because of your color.. (Less than 5% of
      those currently alive had direct ff as family who owned slaves)

      And some of their members believe that while you deal with a person to day
      you’ll have to behave in a certain way because of how their grandparents
      (or even way more back than that) had it bad.. Makes no sense.

      Thank you <3

  1. People who always cmplain about black crime are not actually interested in
    solving it only to use it as an insult to blacks. There people are against
    ending the drug war,investing in poor schools,investing in sex ed in poor
    schools,investing in planned parenting centers in poor communities,easier
    access to contraceptives for poor women and affordable higher education.
    All of these things would actually reduce black crime and improve the black
    family unit.
    #TYTArmytoStrong #BlackLivesMatter #Conservativesareidiots.

    • +Kayci Morgan Abolish for-profit prisons because they set up an evil
      incentive, end the drug war and legalize marijuana to damage drug dealing
      cartels and gangs, and require schools to teach extensive sex ed classes
      about the necessity of condoms and how important it is to not have kids
      until you’re financially stable.

      These three things are a step in the right direction.

    • +Reshad Alavera This is what i like to hear in comments not just blaming
      others like most people in tyt comments

    • +Terry Pontiff
      I know, I was responding to Sammy, who was making a case about how people
      tend to kill their own, because they tend to only encounter people of the
      same race. Despite this, black people are attacking way more white people
      than the other way around – so there is more to it than that.

    • +Bartolomeo Vanzetti Show me where you got this statistic from. This looks
      like the one that trump retweeted from a neo-nazi site.

  2. Blacks commit half of all murder s in the US, yet are 13% of the
    population. Why don’t you address that statistic fatty?

    • +maxwell adams Is that what I said? No I didn’t. But BLM does have a lot of
      media coverage. They could use some of that time to promote other worthy

    • +BobbyNiggs You are delusional. People have been killing each other over
      all kinds of reasons since the beginning of time it has always been like
      that. On the other hand people like you seem to have amnesia as you seem
      pretty ignorant of black history. Lets all be ignorant racist bigots and
      act like minorities have been treated fair from the very beginning this
      country was founded. Honestly people like you don’t understand a thing when
      it comes to black people and why their communities are the way they are
      today. Keep telling yourself that the wounds we inflicted on those people
      and are still to this day inflicting on them will just magically disappear
      leaving no scars. Those people have been oppressed for many generations.
      Black lives matter because for 500 years in this country, they have not
      mattered. You are basically saying it’s okay for any black person to get
      wrongfully murdered by a cop because some other black people do crimes.
      People like you disgust me trying to justify the unjustifiable. Complaining
      about a problem present in all communities world wide expecting the most
      oppressed and abused one to accomplish something that has never been
      accomplished before in human history.

  3. The “racists” aren’t pretending to care about Chicago gun crime. They
    aren’t even pretending to care all that much about black lives (or anyone’s
    lives). They are making the point that BLM don’t care about black lives, as
    demonstrated by their decision to focus on an issue that has relatively
    little impact on the black community. In fact, when you factor in crime
    rates, police shootings seem to disproportionately affect white people.

    • +CottonEyeJoe Add more context….when your dealing with issues of race you
      have to be very specific…First of all…you have to establish the things
      that white kid is born with and even the things the black kid is born with
      and what both of them arent born with…for example where are they both
      from ? and what kind of families do they have..and by the way you are
      completely wrong no you cannot be dumber and get accepted to college just
      because your black and that whole blacks have more choice and more ways to
      get to college is complete and total BS actually the opposite is true if
      you are white you have more chances of getting scholarships just for being
      white if you dont believe me you can look it up or watch the documentary
      “white people “.

    • +phar0ahad3 More context? All things being equal. Similar families,
      neighborhood etc.. I did not say they get accepted to college just for
      being black. I said they have a lower standard. Some schools add S.A.T.
      points to black students applications making it easier for acceptance.
      There are black only scholarships and there are no white only scholarships.
      Scholarships are not the only way through school. My wife and I are still
      paying off huge student loans. So yes all things being equal blacks have
      just as much opportunity. They may and it is a slight may have to work
      harder for that opportunity but it is still there for the taking.

    • +CottonEyeJoe You cant go from equal to similar …..either its the same or
      not the same…and im not sure about people of color being added sat points
      every time i see that being brought up its always linked from a neo nazi
      site or a very conservative site… and no things are not equal you have
      not proved that…

    • +Northfork
      “As someone who’s been through the college application process I can
      confirm that black people with much lower test scores and academic
      performance get scholarships that whites and asians would have to work
      harder for”

      LMFAO are you kidding me right now….??ahahahahaha.

  4. White people hate to acknowledge the problems in THEIR communities. Meth is
    overtaking your people while you focus on blacks. Molestations are high.
    Prescription drug use is everywhere among you Mass shootings are committed
    more by you but you only see the problems within other races. Gotcha

    • Not only that, the judge asked for sympathy for Dylan’s family. Do you
      think if the tables were turned he would have asked for sympathy for the
      black mans family? They don’t see us as human.

    • +Beamers Beamer
      Then leave, you want to know what happens when too many blacks swarm whites?


      Is there the opposite of blacks leaving to all black countries? You’re all
      too happy to castigate whites as you leach off of their systems.

  5. Right Black Lives Matter are a bunch of racists and don’t care about
    Chicago gun violence

    • Why? I think you just don’t understand it. I know this may shock you but
      black people can focus or different things. Just like if a white person is
      a member of PETA that doesn’t mean they don’t care about the mostly white
      male fueled campus rape culture.

    • You don’t care about Chicago gun violence either, so I don’t know why
      you’re asking them to.

    • +Glenn Williams
      I understand the analogy just fine, it’s just not an intelligent analogy.

      The National Breast Cancer Foundation has the specificity in it’s very name
      that it invests the majority of it’s efforts on breast cancer as opposed to
      all cancers. Black Lives Matter has no such specificity in it’s name.

      Furthermore, when BLM protesters were more than happy to protest along side
      the Crips and the Bloods in Atlanta this creates an odd situation, because
      both gang organizations are responsible for untold amounts of black deaths
      and black murders. So it’s not just that BLM doesn’t seem to care about the
      sweeping vast majority of homicides that face black people, it’s seems to
      be that they’re just dandy interlocking hands with the very criminals
      responsible for their fair share of it. Like what if the NBCF had a
      Marlboro cigarettes logo on their front page? That’s how absurd BLM looks
      right now.

    • People just ignore BLM members chanting in the streets for cops to die, and
      then they did? Or, cause thats exponentially more harmful than pointing out
      FACTUAL statistics..

    • @Mark M-Are you referring to my comment? Pick any of the incidents.

      The real question to be answered is, and I will repeat it:

      the shooting of unarmed people (let’s drop race and gender for the moment)
      by police, in some cases within seconds of arriving on the scene is not a
      cause for alarm (hopefully we can talk about how people getting killed
      while having a gun in a right to carry state in the future)?

      If it is not, can you explain why it is not something the concerned about?
      Thank you in advance.

    • @Al Capwned-The difference is that we are talking about standards of

      If 20 airline pilots were found to be flying drunk, wouldn’t the whole
      profession need to be scrutinized to ensure that behavior wasn’t propagated?

  6. americans are stupid. they put blacks in ghettos and keep them poor by
    giving them no education, and then complain about them doing violence.
    Implying that blacks do more violence in general, as if their black skin
    causes them to do that. racist bigots all over the place, that way youll
    never find peace.

    • +FitnessBusiness Success
      oh buddy… you dont get it, do you? Racism is not pointing out that this
      race has smaller penises or higher IQs, racism is when you use it as an
      excuse to discriminate them in society and believing that all blacks should
      be treated like they have low IQs because the average black man has a
      lower IQ. the USA is discriminating black people by letting them live in
      areas where they have to drink spoiled water (flint) for fucks sake. If you
      dont get the difference then enjoy your life as a racist.

    • +Mjolnir ThunderBliss and what are those tools? seems like you are the only
      tool here, google patrick mumford…

    • +randy durga The tools you need to built great communities. Medical skills,
      engineering, technology, Law & order.

    • +Mjolnir ThunderBliss are you that ignorant racist, blacks have
      accomplished many things while starting at racism at its purest from in

  7. When 13% of the population commits 50% of all crimes how’s that fact an
    excuse? How’s what is basically mass murder in Chicago an excuse? Hey white
    people we have a problem we don’t want to fix it but you have to fix it
    because we’re black you’re white and we don’t want to fix it.

    • +jetsfan jetsfa Slavery started in the US around 1619, but some reports it
      could have been as early as 1564. So more like 250 Years of slavery, then
      another 100 years of Jim Crow, redlining, convict leasing program, debt
      peonage, and unethical human experimentation. Which is where most of those
      lynching were taking place 1865-1965.

    • +Cain Black
      I can’t believe you had the time to type out that comment. In that same
      comment you disparaging someone esle by this quote “L is for life something
      you don’t have but something you will get if you get caught robbing”. But,
      fail to realize the irony. You are just proving his point.

  8. BLM doesn’t speak about Chicago because when a black person kills another
    black person, it’s environmental reason like poverty, gang related, random
    violence, ect…. BLM fights against instances where black people are
    killed because they are black.

  9. Black lives matter is mad about white police who kill black men. The reason
    they have so many encounter with the law is because american blacks commit
    more crime. if the Black community lowers their crime rates then the cops
    will have less encounters and therefore less deaths. Fix the root problem
    before focusing on the branch.

    • I agree we need to fix the root problem. But the root problem is that black
      people have and still are forced into situations where they have to do
      whatever they can to survive. Black crime rates don’t reflect the amount of
      black crime committed. Police are expected to target black people. Go
      listen to the audio of an officer being yelled at by his superior because
      he hasn’t arrested enough black people. The NYPD a has admitted that there
      are racial quotas for officers to reach. The root problem is that we need
      to end the poverty that forces black people to commit crimes, we need to
      have a complete reform of the justice system, and we need to create a
      standard so that we can recognize and appropriately punish people, police
      and politicians alike, who work to systemically oppress black people. You
      can’t just ignore the fact that black people are in their situation because
      of racism.

    • A panel of Cucks, who have totally fallen for the White Guilt story that’s
      been hammered into all of our heads, for decades.

    • White grievance is when you point out racism you are the racist. How racist
      must you be to believe because drug dealers and gang bangers kill each
      other, it absolves the kkkops from killing a black person with impunity?

    • +Timefliesbye Show me a video of confirmed BLM supported calls for the
      death of anyone. But let’s also point out how black people have the right
      the be upset over their oppression. They have the right to fight back
      against their oppressors. I guess if the police killed your son, your
      husband, your wife, your daughter, your father, your mother, you’d be all
      buddy buddy with all police officers.

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