Pastor Terrified Of Pokémon Go “Cyber Demons”

What’s with all this Pokemon Go business? Pastor Rick Wiles has cracked the case: virtual cyber demons. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Wiles is the kind of person who runs a website called “Trunews,” which should give you a rough idea of what you’re dealing with here. He’s also a pastor, and discovered Pokémon Go when he saw what he thought was a man taking photos of his building and called the police. You’d think he’d be relieved it was just somebody playing a silly game, but once he discovered what the game was about, he decided it was the work of Satan:

“The enemy, Satan, is targeting churches with virtual, digital, cyber-demons,” Wiles said, before adding: “I believe this thing is a magnet for demonic powers.” Wiles went on to claim that “Pokémon masters” may soon start “telling people to kill people in those buildings” in order to catch more Pokémon, comparing the use of the App to Philando Castile’s girlfriend use of Facebook Live to live stream the aftermath of Castile’s shooting by a police officer, which he said might have been staged.

You know, when you say “cyberdemons,” we think of something substantially more dangerous than a Weedle. But we doubt Wiles has played much Doom, either.

Joking aside, Pokémon and the right wing haven’t exactly gotten along in the past, mostly because of the fact that Pokémon can look vaguely demonic.”*

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    • Cant believe he is a religious leader… his congregation gotta be even
      dumber to want to listen to him preach week in week out… and they have
      the cheek to insult the muslims…….

    • No. You are either wrong or lying. The first sack of Constantinople was in
      1204 and carried out by Crusaders. Constantinople was not captured by
      Muslims until 1453.

    • +Ben Althoff​ but of course Christians are pure little angels who never do
      anything evil and vile in the name of their religion. The willful ignorance
      compounded by chosen delusion is literally palpable with you beasts.

    • +Ben Althoff​ American Christians are everything they claim Muslims are and
      worse because they refuse to see in themselves what they judge unworthy and
      evil in everyone else.

  1. yea, I sold my soul to the devil in exchange for some PokeCoins and egg

    • +Steven “Dextro” McLean damn, I guess I got the short end of this deal.
      maybe I could ask Satan for a bit of a bonus, in the form of a dragonite.

  2. Cyber Demons? That’s a great idea for the next Transformers movie. Michael
    Bay. get on that. ASAP

  3. Kill the religious. They are undeserving of the lives they’re gods have
    given them.

    • As do I, but to say that they are undeserving of life simply because of it?
      That seems a pretty absurd claim.

    • It’s that last sentence that I feel makes someone worth their life. In
      general agreed, it’d probably remove a lot of problems. On the other hand,
      most aren’t problematic or dangerous, it’s just a relative few. Can we just
      relocate the bad ones to somewhere that they can’t get out of, let them
      have their own little society?

    • Put a wall around Utah and dump them there. haha.

      Seriously, if we want to better society we have to come at these people
      with love and wisdom.
      Fear and ignorance wont save America… Conservatives, I’m talking to you.
      We are called progressives for a reason, because we want society to
      progress… stop getting in the way, please.

  4. idk if this is common knowledge but..

    • Boring troll sigh…come up with something new or at least something
      Who cares what someone wrote or said ages ago..
      peeps change their views all the frikkin time…
      And Pooperscoop with the cell image..what have you done for those poor
      armenians of wich yopu obviously care so So much…besides trolling ofc?

      And why the hell should he even have to acknowledge the Genocide?
      I mean is the country Armenia depending on the acknowledgements of some
      random turkish fella from the states?

  5. Where is the NIce, France terrorist attack video? Cenk is probably
    preparing his apology letter.

  6. It could be worse, he could be terrified of Muslim extremists running him
    over in a truck whilst he’s out watching fireworks with his kids lol.
    Stupid islamophobes.

  7. So the peaceful Muslim religion just killed around 70 people in France but
    Christians needed to be picked on today I guess.

    • +Ayylmao Do they really need to? They live in a country that is majority
      christian and that already criticizes Islam. Some people go as far as
      wanting to outright ban Muslims from the country. I think they see more of
      a need to counter balance that. I’m pretty sure if we were a Muslim country
      and a lot of people who hated Christians and Christians were being
      discriminated against it would be different. But that’s not the case. You
      need the intellectual ability to understand and apply context.

  8. Who will cry on air when Trump wins in November?

    a. Jon Iadorola
    b. Chunk Yogurt
    c. Ana
    d. Jimmy Dore
    e. Hannah
    f. Ben Manischevitz

    • d
      ana will yell and scream, cause she never had facts to mention in the first

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