NYPD Captain: You Need To Arrest More Black Guys (AUDIO)

An NYPD officer recorded his captain asking him why he’s not arresting more “bad guys.” Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“When NYPD officer Michael Birch was summoned into a performance evaluation meeting with his commanding officer and a lieutenant one day in August 2012, he was expecting to hear more of what he’d heard in the past about the way he did his job: that he wasn’t generating enough “activity.” As an officer in the transit bureau, he says, that meant being told to issue more summonses for fare evasion, and arresting more people for stealing fellow straphangers’ cell phones.

Instead, “the conversation just turned completely weird to me,” he said in an interview this week. “Because he’s basically telling me it’s OK to racially profile.”

Birch provided Gawker with what he claims is a recording he secretly made of that meeting, on which a man who seems to be his commanding officer can be heard repeatedly questioning him about his recent summonses, placing particular emphasis on the fact that he has only stopped two black men out of 54 total people. “Two male blacks,” the man says at one point. “So you’re telling me you only saw two male blacks jump the turnstile?”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Wow, a police officer saying that they should be targeting the demographic
    that commits the most crime? Unthinkable!

  2. self fulfilling prophecy – target black males, arrest them more, thus
    fulfill the preconceived notion that blacks commit more crimes.

    • YUP this is why this is wrong.

      Think of how many BS tickets they give out that later turn into warrants
      for them to catch.

      Lazy police work.

    • You live in a dream land, blacks commit way more crime in proportion to
      their population. Facts

    • I also live in a world that has damned them and simply refuses to do fair
      policing. The one who lives in a dream world is you if you think they have
      had it fair to begin with.

      Its only normal that the black community is as it is. Broken.

  3. In this video a police officer TRIED to do the right thing and his
    commanding officer stopped him.

    • Yep, that’s part of the reason he’s suing. There seems to ben o room for
      good cops in this world.

    • +χχєℓℓαχχ do you know more white people have been killed by the police .
      didn’t think so. don’t believe everything the media tells you

    • Of course more are killed by the police because there are more of them then
      any other race in the U.S. But African-Americans are affected more
      percentage wise than any other race.

  4. Uh oh, you have “black” and “cop” in the tagline. Here come the trolls
    supporting the targeting of black males and then claim they aren’t racists,
    just pulling out some “facts”.

  5. This is absurd. If someone isn’t doing anything wrong, why target them?
    Anyone who would talk like that here in the German police force would be

  6. White males love guns. That’s why they can’t resist the urge to bring them
    to schools

    • +KAPONE TV black people take pictures of them with their guns and show it
      to their friends on Facebook. White people bring it in to school and show
      it to everybody😂

    • +Mark Crasto but you don’t say that as a man of education. It’s impossible
      to oppress the oppressor

    • +Erik Giovani not true buddy. You may not oppress the entire
      population..but u truly cause grave harm to the minds of imprrssionable
      young white kids. You can inadvertedlt create grave psychological and
      identity problems.
      U might say that thats exactly what the white colonists did to the rest of
      But thats behind us..move on..and forgive. Besides..u cannot hold an
      individual responsible for mistakes of his grand grand ancestors..cannot
      prosecute someone for a crime they havnt commited

  7. minorities are obviously gonna be caught for more crimes when they are
    targeted more. Why don’t people understand that.

  8. And this is “progressive” New York. Just imagine the conversations
    happening in the South

    • It’s always in “liberal” cities. Liberal cucks preach diversity and
      tolerance to hide how genuinely hateful they are.

      Are you from another planet?
      Now all of a sudden is the liberals that are the racists not the
      You’re either insane or one disingenuous prick.

  9. Damn that’s sad….The man specifically said he targets EVERYONE, and that
    isn’t enough!?

  10. of course all the white ppl will still make excuse no matter how much proof
    we show…we have to do it back..it’s thew only thing ppl understand

    • +I can’t talk to white ppl about rap Man it is. These racists will ignore
      facts so they can keep spreading this biased and false bullshit about

  11. Whites killed by cops in 2016:443
    Blacks killed by cops in 2016: 213
    But then again who cares about facts when you can say everyone is racist.

    • And wtf does that have to do to w/this video? Oh that’s right nothing!
      You’re just trying to change the subject to negate the fact that the police
      targets blacks & hispanics so stfu & get a life!

    • +Cyruss NP​ You can’t know that for sure. And should it matter more if they
      were? Murder is murder.

    • That’s the Lefts response to everything, Your racist. Black males have more
      open warrant’s for arrest than any other race in low income city’s, Fact.

    • +Michael Bishop i have a bad feeling it will fail. The largest turk army
      divisions general has disowned the coup. The police are up in arms against
      the army

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