Newt Gingrich: Every American Should Be Terrified

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Cast: Cenk Uygur, Jimmy Dore, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola


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  1. Watch The Rubin Report’s latest interview with Sam Harris. That man is
    incredibly smart. I was done with this video after Cenk mentioned him.

    • +casselskeep you dummy he calls himself a classic liberal which in his mind
      just means he stands up for free speech, fair treatment of minority groups,
      and secularism. He himself has said classic liberal is more of
      centre/libertarian position. And he generally doesn’t challenge his guests.
      Any of them. He had Areva Martin on and he didn’t call her out of any the
      BLM bullshit. That’s his style of interview, ask questions, and let the
      audience form their own opinion.

    • +casselskeep no he’s absolutely right about it being the left that mostly
      starts violence.

    • +casselskeep I think his viewpoint on Israel is basically that it’s
      complicated and there is no easy answer for either side…I agree.

  2. cenk I’ve been watching TYT for like 8 years now. hell i even used to be a
    member for some time but this sam harris business is just so dishonest.
    I’ve been contemplating on this for about a year now and i think i might
    just stop watching TYT altogether because you’re not the person i thought
    you were. you’re someone that tries to discredit those you don’t agree with
    by besmirching and lying about them.

    • +iliek ok fine next time an overweight black woman gets on my nerves and i
      want to insult her i’ll just call her a big black cow because by your logic
      that wouldn’t be racist. because after all she is black and she is fat and
      that is objectively describing her. there is no racial undertone there at
      all. let’s just agree to disagree on this.

  3. The fat brown buffalo making fun of a guy with a PhD in neuroscience while
    he has a PhD in eating Big Macs.

    • +Edward no i dont consider them equal but im just saying having a
      neuroscience degree doesnt make you more intelligent. We probably agree
      with harris on 90% of issues just small differences muslims.

    • Ben Carson is one of the best neurosurgeons of his generations. He’s not
      stupid, he just believes weird things. People who think intelligence
      equates to “agrees with me” are idiotic. If you actually read a lot of
      different thinkers, you’ll find very intelligent people are convinced of
      bizarre positions about a number of issues.

    • +dinero rey What has he said about Muslims that you have an issue with?
      He’s been very specific and distinguished between Jihadists and other
      Islamists, between Islamists and Conservatives, between conservatives and
      liberals, liberals and reformists. That is what I’d call anti-bigotry. If
      you believe what Cenk says Sam’s views on Muslims are, you’re obviously
      misinformed. Cenk’s lying.

    • +noah wilson I’ll give you the same answer as to FlaccidErection:” He’s
      fat,he’s sweaty,he’s a dumbass,a manchild with the intellectual capacity of
      a potato and being brown makes the whole ensemble look even more
      ridiculous.Happy now?”

  4. Cenk, You are and you will always be destroyed in a debate with Sam Harris.

    • You’re being unreasonable. If Cenk just had delivered his “make me a ham
      sandwich” line like he did in the Karen Straughan debate, he would have won

    • Well by all means explain to us, with all your great intellect, how Sam
      Harris is wrong on that? And what does that have to do with anything?

    • +ralphinator2 You clearly don’t understand Sam’s point regarding how a tiny
      percentage change in DNA results in a massively increase in intelligence
      and understanding. No matter how intelligent or impressive a person might
      be, we could be no match for an advanced alien population.

  5. It was awkward to see the three employees feeling coerced to laugh at their
    Muslim apologist boss stupid remark.

    • Yeah, Cenk is an example of people we don’t just want in America, but on
      planet earth, I say we shoot Cenk into space and let him die there

    • Of course, there’s absolutely no chance that they could ever actually agree
      with him

    • trashmonster26, sure, they could agree. But I don’t laugh on demand when I
      agree with someone.

  6. I dunno why I subscribed to a channel that calls sam Harris pseudo
    intellectual and is Muslim extremists apologist

    • Not scared. Butt-hurt and obsessed over the fact that he sweat off 400 lbs
      trying to keep up with Sam. That interview ensured that Cenk would never
      have a rational viewer again, and the only viewership he’d ever get going
      forward would be Jihadists and fellow Holocaust deniers..

    • Feel free to demonstrate how I am being ignorant because simply stating I
      am doesn’t make it true.

      Thanks for demonstrating what cognitive dissonance is for future readers,

  7. Oh, Cenk. You’re on very shaky ground when you describe Sam Harris as a

    • What intellectual recourse does anyone have for enjoying Reza? He’s just a
      biased liar. If you wanted to have your biases confirmed then you might
      enjoy him, otherwise there is no reasonable basis for prescribing to his

  8. Sam Harris was a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience. If you think he’s a
    pseudo-intellectual I don’t know if I can really ever trust Cenk’s
    opinions. I know you’re butt hurt over Harris. Lets try to keep the butt
    hurt out from in front of the camera and keep it a little professional.
    **Update** Just so every ignorant person replying to this knows. Sam Harris
    is also well informed on religion and he uses neuroscience to understand
    how religion affects the mind. That is the foundation for his criticism.
    **Update** An appeal to authority is saying someone is right about
    something because they are an authority. I didn’t say Harris was right
    about anything in this comment.

    • +Red Lion
      yazidis are very close to sufi muslims , most kurds are muslims, isis is
      mostly killing muslims of a different faith like when catholics killed
      protestants, we won’t agree anyways, but the original post was about sam
      harris and despite our differences i hope you can see he has flawed logic

    • +john v Sufis have a long history of violence too. Also, they seem to have
      a bigger boner for Muhammed than other sects, who tend to have a boner only
      for Allah. So the guy who killed the Pakistani politician Salman Taseer for
      his opposition to blasphemy laws, was a Sufi.
      Don’t assume bigotry here on my part. I’m very aware of the Sufi movement
      and know more Sufi music than most Sufis.

      That ISIS is mostly killing muslims doesn’t change the fact that it is
      linked to religion. They are killing those who they think of as
      ‘hypocrites’ and ‘apostates’ ie, not true muslims. There is a long
      tradition of their brand of Islam. If some Hindu killed another Hindu
      because of the caste system, does that mean Hinduism is off the hook for
      this castism? Lol.

      As for ISIS mosltly killing muslims, that is because they are situated in
      an area with a very high % of muslims. When they attack the west, they end
      up killing mainly non-muslims. Purely a function of geography and not some
      greater hatred against muslims, though I must add, muslims who are seen to
      be apostates, can qualify as target number 1.

    • +john v You didn’t provide a rebuttal. You disagree with a specific aspect,
      that ISIS believes in martyrdom. You can believe that all you want, but I
      believe them when they say “We embrace death more than infidels embrace
      life,” then proceed to kill themselves in a bombing. In other words, I will
      take ISIS’s word on it, not yours.

  9. I would like to see that crowds reaction if one of the speakers finished
    with allahu akbar.

  10. Is this guy still salty about getting owned by Sam Harris?. My God half his
    body weight has to be NaCl by this point. Poor Cenk thought he could get
    away with misquoting and putting words in Sam’s mouth like he does to
    conservatives, but Sam actually showed up to defend himself *wop wop wop

    • +ralphinator2 Well to say Sam Harris is so stupid because… and then fill
      it in with a misrepresentation of his position, isnt a valid argument
      against his overall intelligence.

    • +Tim Pieper Right. Because Muslims follow every part of the Quran to the
      letter (they don’t). Like Christians follow every part of the Bible to the
      letter (they don’t). Is this really what we’re arguing about? “Your book is
      more violent than their book”? Therefore, what? What’s the end goal here?
      I’ve already stated that the problem is with people who are
      fundamentalists. People who use fundamentalism to control other people. And
      it’s usually the people who aren’t in the best socioeconomic conditions,
      the poor, the uneducated, the emotionally weak, etc. who are being
      controlled…Work needs to be done to better those conditions, to draw
      people and cultures away from fundamentalism, away from political or
      religious leaders who speak to a person’s greatest fears.

      Blood has been shed in the name of both religions, both texts have the same
      bullshit about apostasy, blasphemy, heresy, idolatry, all of that. If
      you’re not ready to argue about drawing people away from fundamentalism,
      and instead want to get into this “our religion is better” stuff, well, I
      can only repeat this argument so much.

    • I thought the exact same thing. To be fair if he’d just said “America
      America America America” He would probably have still got as much of a

    • +Dux Nihilo I don’t know he certainly acts like he is, but he’s become a
      full on Islamic aplogetic aplogist BLM toting regressive.

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