New Details On Nice, France Terrorist Attack

Nice, France was the target of a devastating terrorist attack. The terrorist used a tractor trailer to kill over eighty people. Ben Mankiewicz (WhatTheFlick?), John Iadarola (ThinkTank), and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"The toll of an attack on a Bastille Day fireworks celebration in the southern French city of Nice rose on Friday to 84 dead and 202 injured, as the government identified the assailant as a 31-year-old native of Tunisia, extended a national state of emergency and absorbed the shock of a third major terrorist attack in 19 months.

“We will not give in to the terrorist threat,” Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Friday morning after a cabinet meeting led by President François Hollande. But Mr. Valls also offered a grim observation for his countrymen: “The times have changed, and France is going to have to live with terrorism.”

Starting around 10:45 p.m. Thursday, the attacker mowed down scores of victims in Nice with a rented 19-ton refrigerated truck before engaging in a gunfight with three police officers, who pursued him down a storied seaside promenade before finally killing him.

The Paris prosecutor, François Molins, identified the man as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who was born on Jan. 3, 1985, and raised in Msaken, a town in northeastern Tunisia.”*

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Hosts: Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore
Cast: Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore


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  1. Yes, Muslims are peaceful and have real liberal values……. wait a
    minute. Well, TYT will keep lying for Muhammad as always. Sam Harris is so
    wrong, right guys?
    Watch this to see why Islamic barbarism is not a product of US intervention:

    Jimmy, I am so done with your regressive BS.

  2. Jimmy I love you man! BUT 1) Stop the victim blaming. Focus on what
    happened and not on the fallacy that it’s the West’s fault. 2) The reason
    people don’t care when it happens in the middle east is because it is a
    given. That’s how they resolve their problems over there. But when it
    happens in the west it seems barbaric (except in the US you guys shoot each
    other up) because it is uncommon and it tends to be someone linked to Islam
    as usual. That is why. People want to live and enjoy life without having to
    worry about being blown up, shot or run over.

    • “1) Stop the victim blaming. Focus on what happened and not on the fallacy
      that it’s the West’s fault.”

      Yeah, Jimmy! Stop blaming the problem on who actually caused the problem!
      Just talk about the problem and don’t think any further than that! We must
      focus on THE PROBLEM, not on how the problem came to be! That’s irrelevant
      and stupid and a fallacy!

      This is what you sound like. Get a grip on reality and on the bigger

  3. 5:00 Are you fucktards not LITERALLY describing what you do after every
    shooting? The hypocrisy is unbelievable….

    • +Ari Vishnu I don’t understand what you’re saying….they do talk about it
      every time after a shooting

  4. Did they say the word “Muslim” even once? If the terrorist had been a
    member of the “NRA” or had killed those innocent people with a “gun” then
    they’d have repeated those words about 50,000 times. But, the connection of
    terrorism and Muslims is disregarded by TYT.

    • +purpandorange that isn’t your argument i was commenting on. i commented on
      your argument that since a majority of muslims don’t interpret the violence
      as exclusive to war, islam has to be violent

    • +realCevra Well I’m sorry that you have poor reading comprehension. I was
      pointing out that the guy was changing the interpretation to make it less
      violent, and was pointing out that the real interpretation is one that the
      majority of people follow, because it’s the real interpretation.

    • +Justin Bernard OK so you don’t have a verse they cited? End of story, the
      Nazis weren’t killing because of Christian scripture like Muslims do.

  5. I wish the young turks would be more open to hear from different
    perspectives, and have a more intellectually diverse panel. We (French
    Conservatives) knew this was gonna happen the moment our French Muslim
    population became the largest in Europe. Those people are not Française.
    They are more connected with own religion and their home-country, rather
    than France. It’s true. They don’t care about Europe. And look what is
    happening, not only in France, but all across Europe. Terrorism.

    • That is hapenning because the west thought they could destroy other
      people’s countries and there wouldnt be any consequences. well, surprise
      motherfuckers, it’s at you doorstep. Enjoy.

    • +THe Ad you realize the Koran orders the killing of infidels right and yes
      the Nazis were Christians the first foreign government to recognize the
      Nazi control of Germany was the Vatican so yes some Muslims are scum
      Christians are scum what’s your point? if all the Christians were jumping
      off a bridge should all the Muslims do it?

  6. ive been a TYT subscriber since 2007 and I can’t keep ignoring how down
    hill the channel has gone. It’s mainly islam apologist, feminist and
    Armenian Genocide denier BS. I cant take CENK or TYT serious anymore

    • +Aaron Sakhai He frequented that club picking up guys months before the
      attack. If anything, this was a man at odds with his sexuality and the
      family (the father) that I’m going to guess, kept insisting marriage and
      Islamic prayer to fix his ways.

    • +tinaUNDAcova I’m not denying his sexuality confused him, but you’re
      denying him any moral agency. You’re saying he couldn’t have known the
      difference between right and wrong. This is the bigotry of low
      expectations. And yes– he used *Islamic* prayer to justify his actions.

    • +Will Moffett we are not killing people at parades 10 little children got
      ran over by a truck that is not what America does if we wanted to kill
      civilians they would all be dead. we drop bombs in Serbia how many Serbian
      children killed there were killed? how many serbians decided to run over
      little kids in the truck because of that? zero Palestine has one of the
      largest Christian communities in the Middle East a Christian Community that
      lives under a brutal occupation. how many Christian Palestinian suicide
      bombers have there been? 0 come on be serious think critically

    • +Will Moffett you gotta check out Christopher Hitchens talking about why Al
      Qaeda said they want to attack America check It Out on YouTube. like you
      said don’t f*** with them they won’t f*** with us but in their opinion what
      counts as f****** with them? is it reasonable? Al-Qaeda considered America
      to have betrayed Muslims by stopping a genocide by Muslims in East Timor so
      if we stop Muslims from committing genocide were f****** with them and we
      deserve to get killed by their own words. why would work by me Christians
      to stop them from killing Muslims no one ever talks about that just the
      bombs we dropped on villainous Muslims it doesn’t matter how bad they are
      if they’re Muslims we can’t kill them. right?

  7. I cant wait until Trump loses in November so these passive aggressive, low
    testosterone having, beta-males can crawl back into their holes.

    • +Majid Rahhal It is impossible to be bigoted against Muslims. Hatred of
      Muslims is noble and beautiful because their belief system is inherently
      evil. You would have been talking about Naziophobia if you were around in

  8. LOL John Iadarola blocked me on twitter. Simply because I told him what
    people really mean by when they call him a “cuck” and it has nothing to do
    with cuckoldry fetish. It just simply means he’s a panderer to certain
    types of people (poor people, inner city blacks, working class people) even
    though he’ll never associate with them in any way shape or form.

  9. Funny how progressives don’t troll the Alex Jones channel as much as these
    scums troll the TYT channel. Get a life

    • +Catfish
      obvious troll is obvious…

      “ignorant for always defending ISLam and labeling everyone racists and

      complaining about being labeled as racist and bigot – then saying something
      extremely ignorant and bigotted.

    • +Zach Hentzel I don’t deflect blame, I just outright blame these toxic

      But I agree with you. I’m liberal.

  10. The answer is obvious! Trucks for all!! If they all had trucks they would
    have been able to defend themselves!!! #NRAlogic 

    • +laarson johnson Just because it’s likely doesn’t mean it is. Sure, it’s a
      good possibility but that doesn’t mean it’s true until we get the facts.
      It’s funny how people will fly off the handle before they get all the
      information. Hey, if it ends up being true then I’ll say it was a horrible,
      horrible thing done by someone who was part of ISIS, or Muslim, or part of
      Islam, or whatever the case may be, but not before. It’d be like accusing
      someone you don’t like of something they may or may not have done just cuz
      you don’t like them.

    • +Vel Ma Great comment. I totally agree. This is one thing that turns me off
      to the Athiest community, as with most other groups in general. I’ve never
      been able to stay in a group too long, mainly because of certain people
      that just ruin it for everyone else. People can be such dicks sometimes.
      They get so deep in their convictions that they just can’t see outside of
      their box and then they start to lose reasonability and the ability to be
      objectionable. That’s when I typically start to fade away and leave a group
      when that starts to happen.

  11. 23 dislikes already…video was uploaded 3 minutes ago…. trolls on full

    • +Leslie Van Dam you can’t know if a video is full garbage if you haven’t
      watched it in its entirety.

    • +Proapocalypse Get a life and watch something you agree with. Trolls should
      be burned alive.

  12. Most leftists have a limit for how long they can believe that Islam is a
    religion of peace. Many reached that limit after Charlie Hebdo. Some
    reached that limit after the Paris attacks last November. Others will have
    reached their limit after the attack in Nice last night. Yet there are some
    far- left ideologues for which there is no limit; some whom I suspect would
    be smiling and apologizing for ‘Islamophobia’ even when they’re on their
    knees as their own throat is sliced by the terrorist’s blade…

    • Absolutely spot on, after Paris I really started to look in to Islam
      especially from ex-Muslims, being a rational person, I will always chase
      the truth and change opinions based on new evidence. Shame TYT can not do
      that instead play apologists. When something big happens I’ll come back and
      look at what TYT say, it’s always the religion of peace crap or blaming the
      victim, exactly what they did with Nice.

    • +David Westernall I thought you said you were rational? Maybe you are and
      you’re just overlooking some things, or don’t have all the information. At
      the time of this video, not all the information was out there yet. In fact
      I was reading articles on other sites at the time and none of them said
      anything about his religious affiliations or even if he was Muslim or not.
      So, you can’t blame TYT for being “apologists” here. They knew as much as
      anybody else did at the time. It’s bad journalism to put out wrong
      information or speculation before the facts come in. That’s been a major
      problem of our big media outlets lately and I feel people have been
      overlooking that too much so things can fit the narratives that they set up

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