Jennifer Lopez Under Fire For ‘All Lives Matter' Tweet 1

Jennifer Lopez Under Fire For ‘All Lives Matter’ Tweet

Jennifer Lopez upset a lot of people with a recent tweet sent from her account. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Jennifer Lopez deleted on a tweet on Tuesday that contained the hashtag #AllLivesMatter.

The tweet also included the hashtag #LoveMaketheWorldGoRound, the title of her Orlando benefit song co-sung by Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame, as well as a photograph of the pair performing the track on Good Morning America.

The phrase #AllLivesMatter has been used as a counterargument to #BlackLivesMatter, though the latter phrase was inspired by the fact that the disproportionate numbers of black people killed by police in the US suggests black lives are less valued. #AllLivesMatter has been used by a range of people including those who profess themselves opponents of America’s new civil rights movement.

Twitter users were quick to call out Lopez for including the phrase in the post, probably prompting the quick removal of the tweet.”

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31 condolence

  1. Hispanics are getting killed by the police and I understand

  2. Why does Ana always show so much skin, always wearing a tank top on this
    show? It just seems so inappropriate. No one else does that.

    1. I’m not saying she needs to wear a turtleneck sweater, but all of the other
      hosts on this show dress professionally but her.

  3. whites and blacks do drugs at the same rate but blacks are arrested 4 times
    as often. i agree with blms solution of ending police focus on low level
    crimes for all races. this level of reason will not be seen on the “blm is
    cancer” sargon of akkad bandwagon

  4. She definitely knows what’s going on the world but as she said in her
    interviews she made this song for Orlando in particular and now that these
    crazy incidents have happened with black lives she is sending a message to
    the world that love is the only thing that will make everything better for
    our world. No hate is allowed, we all have to unite because at the end of
    the day we are all human beings with hearts, minds and souls.

  5. “Im going to assume she didn’t say all live matter with malicious intent.”
    This is madness. And the down votes on this channel demonstrate that people
    are beginning to realize it.

  6. #AllLivesMatter is racist but I don’t think that Jennifer men’t it in a
    mean way.

    1. in the same way that a strait pride or white pride march are filled with
      anti gay and anti black people respectively.

    2. +LGBT Lover what’s wrong with you gay lover you’re going to hell

  7. All lives matter seems appropriate at this case. She’s talkimg about a
    marginalized group that is not black people, logocslly all lives matter is
    more apropriated than black lives matter

  8. Saying all lives matter at this time when you werent saying before is
    obvious in its root. Only the indifferent would say all lives matter at
    this time. Well wait for you to say another thing when somebody demanding
    change says something. Or if your not prepared to help whats happening you
    could just shut up. Try it. Shut mouth.

  9. So we live in a world in which you can’t say “All Lives Matter” without
    people getting outraged…

  10. I love the irony here, according to TYT:
    SJW? Who would be against SOCIAL JUSTICE?!
    BLM? No black lives matter protest has EVER called for the deaths of cops!
    All lives matter? THAT is ignorant and uniformed if not racist

    1. black lives matter because all lives matter. obviously many police do not
      think black lives matter or else blacks wouldnt be arrested 4 times more
      often for crimes they commit at the same rate as whites(selling drugs)

    2. +Omar Peoples and using your logic black people do not think white lives,
      or Asian lives, or Hispanic lives matter as they commit 4-8 times as many
      crimes against those people, compared to crimes this people commit against
      black people.

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