54 condolence

  1. man WTF happened to the comment section. Intelligent debate is always cool.
    We all have our own views/opinions… but this is just sad.

    1. it’ll smooth out some when school opens back up and all the remedial
      students go back to disappointing their teachers and parents.

  2. Never understood why Trump-supporters are so obsessed with Cenk.

  3. weird the trolls rambling about the armenian genocide and regressiveness
    never show up to these meet ups.Bunch of pussies!

  4. CRAZY MUSLIMS KILL 80+ PEOPLE IN NICE FRANCE!!!!! I’ll take my “crazy”
    Chistians any day TYT…The hypocrisy!

    1. It has to do with the survival of the white race. Not Being Anti-Muslim
      24/7 is a Code for Anti-White News. Objective Journalism = White Genocide!

    1. +FinalMythology Nah he did not, he said he does not know about it now
      enough to talk say one way or another…. he acted like he knew about it
      when he wrote an article denying it. Ana the token Armenian has only
      mentioned it on her own channel not TYT. Please give a link where cenk has
      admitted the Armenian genocide… you can’t. I have one where he has a page
      written denying it though.

    2. +FinalMythology I would assume he would not write articles denying it too
      …but he did. But he lets the token Armenian mention it once in awhile
      while he is not present, mostly on her own channel.

  5. how hard is it to stop uploading pointless videos after an international
    tragedy….the down votes wont stop until a reasonable nice video is made.

    1. So the entire staff at TYT is suppose have a full day of backlogged work
      because you don’t know how TYT operates? Come back for the LIVE COVERAGE

    1. +quaxk now, if you want to understand my nations politics. restricted
      firearm and handgun are one and the same. there are a few hundred
      exceptions made for assault rifles. but restricted means handgun.

      maybe you should do some research before claiming you know about guns in MY

      DO YOU GET THAT NOW. if you have someone who has a restricted firearms
      license. they own a handgun.

    1. +ArabFly Dangleway When have they ever defended islamic terrorists? Give me
      one real example. Saying the issue is more complex than bombing the entire
      middle east is not defending terrorism. For example most of the world agree
      that if one nation was to singlehandedly end human civilization it is you
      americans. Seing as you are the bug problem that you are perhaps all us
      others should join in bombing you for once maybe that works better.

    1. +Mister Mood lmao you won’t even get in , he’s banning Muslims, tell your
      goat wife

    2. That is one of the worst things to say. You are like a demon with your
      words, you’ll fit well in hell.

  6. Wow 80 people killed my an Islamic Terrorist (oops doesn’t fit Cenks
    narrative) LOOK AWAY LOOK AWAY! Let’s put out a video about TYT “Network”

    1. I know right?! They didnt even cover the attacks on Paris, or Charlie Hebdo
      shooting, the Istanbul suicide bombers. They didnt even cover 9/11! I mean
      what the fu-.. oh wait, never mind.

  7. I have a secret for you Islam, Feminist, Abortion-loving Regressive
    fucks…… You’re losing popularity. The public isn’t buying it anymore.

    1. +Carlos Gonzalez he’s right. But the more money they get the more
      establishment they become, thus revoking their hipster non mainstream
      status credibility

    1. A gun was created to kill. A truck was designed for transport. I don’t know
      why you idiots are comparing them. Because their purpose is not the same.

    2. +TRUMP2016 Local187 WallBuilders Union no they weren’t lmao, they’ve always
      been a weapon of war

    3. I didn’t hear about the latest act of terror when I added to this joke. Now
      I sort of feel like a jerk. I thought we were just being silly.

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