Help TYT Win ANOTHER Streamy Award!

Streamy fan nominations are now open. But they close very quickly. Get your TYT Streamy award fan nominations in by July 18th latest and help The Young Turks take down the Streamys AGAIN! TYT Army, engage!

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TYT Politics
Documentary/Investigative award:

TYT and SK-II "Voice to the Voiceless" campaign
Brand Campaign award:

TYT and PCCC "Most Progressive Man in the World"
Social Good Campaign award:

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6) repeat daily until end-of-day July 18


    • Well it’s fascinating. This is what the people who have committed the coup
      are saying “Turkey’s democratic and secular rule of law has been eroded by
      the current government”

  1. Cenk lets negotiate a deal, you sit on my face with out denying it an ill
    help you win a streamy.

  2. I’m not supporting TYT this year. The TYTMembershirt lie is a dealbreaker.
    i can’t support people who lie to me.

    • June 10th TYT promised their menbers a free tyt member t-shirt, for the
      price of shipping. One or two days after the sale was stopped, and they
      claim that “technical issues” is the cause. My guess is that Cenk didn’t
      like the offer (he was surprised by it, when Ana presented the shirt on the
      show), and shut it down, but i don’t know. I’ve since asked both Cenk and
      Ana about the shirt on twitter, if the “tech issues” were solved, and they
      have ignored me completely.To me, directly lying to their member goes
      against everything TYT claim to stand for.

    • I thought the Titanic sank, shortly after setting out on its maiden voyage,
      after hitting an iceberg because of a myriad of oversights that caused a
      horrible catastrophe. I guess….you’re implying that the Titanic stayed
      afloat due to the reliability of its crew for many years, and is still
      going strong, right? Metaphors are hard for me to understand, and English
      is my first language, so I apologize if I’m not getting it.

    • Mainstream media does research and then twists the news to match its bias.
      TYT use the mainstream media’s resources and content and then twist their
      news to match their bias.

    • Repeating the same, tired, acts of trolling that you and many other
      13-year-olds attempt is anything but original.

    • +Daniel Davis yes, you already said that I was unoriginal. Now who is being
      unoriginal 😉
      And I note you still haven’t disagreed with the point.
      Even more interesting…

    • +Daniel Davis lol, you responded to my comment Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!
      Better block me before you have to argue your point lol!!!!!!

  3. Hey nerds. GTFO the comments or imma bust yo a$% and i’m a gerbil ninja
    warrior expert so you know I can do it if I want to. Deal with it!

    • +Brett Gartin fair enough, I always saw it as kinda a midpoint between
      classical liberalism and conservatism, with the mostly unregulated free
      market of the conservatives, and the freedom of non-harmful actions and
      speech of the classical liberals.

      I’m simplifying here, but you get the idea.

    • +Ste H I’m a troll because you disagree with me? Like it or not, I’m not
      one, clearly I’ve demonstrated how I’m able to be reasonable by levelling
      with certain people in this thread.

      At least you’d be thinking about me though.

    • +Ste H my commenting here makes little to no difference to their revenue.
      No one else has provided any facts either, and to quote Christopher
      Hitchens (or maybe another of the four horsemen of atheism) “any claim made
      without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.” I don’t mind people
      dismissing what I’ve said, this is just a YouTube comment section. But
      saying anyone here had brought evidence is rubbish.

    • +RealityHijacked Ha! Come back to me when you figure out how to get that
      YouTube money. Then we can talk about analytics. Until then just keep
      making yourself look like a fool.

    • +awesomekc lol that’s legitimate BS, the majority of their videos from this
      week alone have 100k+ views. Not to mention the fact that they upload
      upwards of five videos a day on average.

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