Head Of Cleveland Police Blames Obama For Police Deaths 1

Head Of Cleveland Police Blames Obama For Police Deaths

Steve Loomis is head of the Cleveland Police Association. He’s sure President Obama is to blame for the killing of police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?), Ana Kasparian, and John Iadarola (ThinkTank), hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Detective Steve Loomis said that the shootings of police officers, from Dallas to now, started with what he deemed as a completely false narrative that police are 'racist.’…

STEVE LOOMIS, PRESIDENT OF CLEVELAND POLICE PATROLMEN'S ASSOCIATION: The president of the Untied States validated a false narrative and the nonsense that Black Lives Matter and the Media are pressing out there to the public — He validated with his very divisive statements And now we see an escalation.

This has got to end.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian


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59 condolence

  1. Even the Rodney King riots long ago was down to Obama!But the “bad eggs” in
    the Police are blameless?!!!……..sure.

    1. Bingo… Right it’s Obama’s fault… NOT over 8 decades of continuous
      police abuse. YES! over 8 decades…

      For every “race riot” which should be called “black massacre” each police
      department let the carnage happen or joined in.

      NYC draft riots 1863
      Wilmington N.C. 1898
      Springfield race riot 1908
      Chicago race riot 1919
      Tulsa Oklahoma raceriot 1921
      Detroit race riot 1943
      Cicero race riot 1951
      Bloody Sunday 1965
      Watts race riot 1965
      MLK DEATH 1968
      Boston race riot 1976
      Algiers Seven 1981
      Rodney King 1992
      Cincinnati Tim Thomas 2001

      we all know the rest…
      yep blame Obama…

  2. The cops have always been the bad guys in this country. When you kill
    innocent unarmed men and women you are the bad guys. I understand the dude
    was shooting cops for the simple fact they belong to an Organization that’s
    out of control. 1 man killed 5 cops this man kill 3 the odds are in the
    people’s favor with that being said I feel this is just the beginning. Wait
    till these groups start coming together training an organizing then what 8
    men kill 75 cops it’s possible. It’s also a scary thought but if the police
    where actually held accountable for there actions. People always through
    the race card but fail to realize we are all Americans an should be treated
    equal because if are dollar is dropped today all we have is each other. I
    love my country but hate the fuckery that is an have been going on. We need
    to figure it out.

  3. How the hell did we become the “bad guys”………….? Please, do you not
    realize the police have been executing innocent people on the side of the
    road for years?
    How can you be so blind?
    Is it the badge , the training or the gun that blinds you?
    Maybe it’s because you have abused your privilege for so long, you have
    come to believe it’s now your “RIGHT”!

    1. He’s not a fool. He’s a Fox news viewer. He knows nothing of reality. Now
      of them do – cops included.

    1. lmfao….You’re right, they should be mad as hell and they should be out in
      the street protesting about it.

    2. That has nothing to do with Obama. That’s due to oil production at
      refineries in the states.

    3. +Eric Kenny they can’t protest. They have to work to support the out of
      work liberals

    4. +wesley roche Really? Cliven Bundy isn’t available? he usually enjoys

  4. Police continually kill unarmed men, woman and children and NEVER accept
    responsibility while placing all of the blame on the deceased. Aiyana
    Stanley-Jones, Akai Gurley, and Rekia Boyd along with countless others were
    killed by police and not one peace officer was held accountable. Why is it
    whenever anyone speaks out about police misconduct or brutality they are
    automatically labeled anti police? So either you agree with everything
    police do or your against them?

    1. They back each other no matter how gross their conduct is, they’ve killed
      500+ people so far this year. At this point it isn’t even that they are
      killing black people disproportionately it’s that some of this death and
      violence is totally unneeded you don’t need to kill Tamil rice once you hop
      out a car. You don’t need to shoot Dylan noble and frame it as suicide by
      cop. You don’t need to shoot Laquan McDonald 16 times as he is running away
      from you. It’s just getting ridiculous at this point and it is obvious some
      reforms are needed. This police chiefs thinking is part of the reason that
      we have these social tensions today lack of accountability and lack of the
      ability to empathize with others. When you can only see the world from one
      perspective you are almost guaranteed to come into conflict.

    2. you are completely right. the worst part is, if after a shooting the police
      came out and said the shooter is removed from duty and awaiting sentencing.
      he made a massive mistake and now his conduct will be investigated
      independently, they could squash all this hatred and mistrust. instead they
      come out and say the shooter is getting paid leave and here are the reasons
      the deceased deserved to die. never a mistake, always justified. Alton
      brown had a record from 3 years ago and took a stupid picture with his
      kids…KILL HIM! wtf America?

  5. Mr. Loomis, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. You aren’t there to protect
    white people from all the horrible, cannon fodder black folks. You are
    there to protect EVERYONE from harm. You are now officially part of the

  6. No wonder police are getting killed, they have those kind of people in
    charge of the police force.

    1. +The Last And First Time I don’t disagree that he should be removed, but
      I also think that TYT should have made it clear who he actually is, and who
      he is NOT.

  7. TYT feeding into the race bating hysteria.

    TYT has blood on its hands also!

    1. Law Enforcement Officers Killed by Presidential Terms:

      *Obama 1,062 police officers killed* VS *GW Bush 1,375 police officers

      The total number of law enforcement officer killed on GW Bush’s watch, from
      2001 through 2008 = *1,375*

      The total number of law enforcement officer killed on Obama’s watch, from
      2009 through 2016 = *1,062*

      (2016 YTD is 66, so it’s adjusted to 120 and included in the 2016 count)
      (Doesn’t include those officer killed on 9/11 attacks)

      People have always killed cops. So no blaming presidents. No blaming TYT

    2. +Commodoor64 Unfortunately you’re dealing with the typical intellectually
      lazy American who never do research to make sure that their beliefs are
      true. They only seek to quench their confirmation bias. Which is why they
      tend to gravitate towards Fox News.

  8. That top cop is white, corpulent, middle-aged, bloated, racist ignoramus…
    Thanks for that one too, Obama!

    1. have can something that fat and that stupid be allowed near a gun never
      mind letting tubby be a cop

  9. They put onions in my double bacon cheeseburger even after I said, “no
    onions”. Thanks Obama!

  10. The republicans and the NRA are to be blamed for putting so much guns in
    the hands of the people, and the police department who send out untrained
    trigger happy policemen with quotas to arrest black men

    1. Do you actually believe your own lies or are you just hoping that the rest
      of us will?

    1. +RAIDERS58th
      That isn’t true, you need to check your facts and watch the full video- it
      shows him pointing the gun at multiple people including an older woman

    2. +B4TT3RY There is no footage of him pointing the gun at anyone. He was
      playing with his sister, who the pigs roughed up and threw into the back of
      their car whilst they WATCHED Tamir bleed out. He was a 12 year child with
      PATENTLY toy gun. If the police thought he was a threat, why in the hell
      did they drive up to within two of him? What video did you watch?

    3. +B4TT3RY what well trained officer pulls into the muddy slushy grass when
      responding to a call and shoots within 2 seconds of arriving on
      scene……those two cops seemed to be poorly trained and violent….

    4. +B4TT3RY yeah no kids have ever played pretend army or cops and robbers
      right…..you must have had zero imagination

  11. So basically the Cleveland Police Chief is too stupid to be a cop.

    Oh yeah, just so you know, I am a cop.

    1. +whyamimrpink78

      Based on my training, experience and expertise, you must be a dim wit.

      It isn’t an ad hominem attack. I based it on the evidence of your comment.

      If that was the chief, he is an idiot.

  12. Why don’t you guys show the David Clarke interview on CNN? The guy
    destroyed the BLM narrative.

    1. That is just called conformation bias. He didn’t address Don’s point and
      you call it a win.

    2. That was an interview of two people talking about two different topics,
      refusing to address each other. They both went in with a message to state
      and did what they wanted to do.

    1. +Preston Wright Don’t you and others have any other comments to make
      accept the same Armenian genocide one over and over again

    1. +wesley roche you just proved you never watched the video, that’s not at
      all what happened. They pulled up and shot him immediately, he didn’t walk
      towards them. Why don’t you watch the video yourself instead of parroting
      Faux news talking points.

    2. +candleblaise I actually have and maybe you need to re watch it. The kid
      was sitting on the table, got up when cops came and showed the gun. Pretty

    3. +candleblaise Wesley is correct. If you watch the video closely, Tamir got
      up and started walking toward the car as it approached. You can’t see the
      car when he stands up and starts moving forward, but it’s obvious that he
      saw and heard it coming. So when the car stopped, this kid brandishing a
      weapon was really close to the car and moving closer. It is definitely
      strange that the cops stopped so close to the kid, but once they had, the
      officer really had no other choice since, had it been a real gun, the cop
      could’ve gotten shot instead.

    1. +Ricardo – Nailed it. It’s never called terrorism when the shooter is
      white…or wearing a badge.

    2. Do you also support charges against Bill O’Reilly for encouraging violence
      against that abortion doctor?

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