#GOPSoWhite: Paul Ryan's Selfie With Interns Goes Viral 1

#GOPSoWhite: Paul Ryan’s Selfie With Interns Goes Viral

Paul Ryan posted something on Instagram that went viral recently. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz (What the Flick?!) and John Iadarola (Think Tank) hosts of The Young Turks, break down the viral #GOPSoWhite hashtag from the YouTube Stage at the RNC. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"It's hard to know where to begin with this, a post about Speaker Paul Ryan putting up a selfie featuring what can only be described as a large quantity of overwhelmingly white Capitol Hill interns, but begin we must.

On the one hand, he is not wrong. That probably does set a record for the most number of Capitol Hill (or #CapitolHill) interns in a single selfie.

On the other hand, the vast majority if not all of those interns are white. There are many reasons that internships in general and Hill internships in particular lack—and perpetuate lack of—racial diversity, and some of them are not unrelated to Speaker Paul Ryan's own policies, a reality upon which the viewer of this selfie is almost invited to reflect."*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola


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75 condolence

  1. If it was a pic of all black people and someone made a story about how it’s
    bad to have all blacks, that would be called so racist by everyone. But you
    know, it’s white people so it’s ok to be racist towards them.

  2. GOP has no interest in doing minority outreach because there is no reason
    to. To do minority outreach would mean either betraying their core
    principals or engaging in the arduous task of finding minorities who are
    ignorant enough to believe that the GOP is not completely against them in
    every way.

  3. Would TYT be bashing a group picture in Harlem? Yeah, I just called you out
    on that. Get fucked you racist assholes.

    1. +Dragon1717 I have never attacked anyone like that so sorry but you cant
      paint that on me. Nor does it have anything to do with my comment.

  4. The only people that the GOP cares about are white, straight, cisgender,
    Christian men. Actually they are the only ones the GOP considers to be
    ‘people’ at all.

    1. Wow. TYT misquotes someone and a regressive has a talking point for years.
      All the more reason to hate TYT.

  5. Boy, this comment section is dumb. They didn’t say it’s wrong, they said it
    is a pattern to be analyzed. Are conservative views inherently pushing away
    other races? If so, which one?

    But I guess discussing it’s not the point of those trolls.

    1. +Vanessa Araujo
      Because left-wing media brainwashes people into thinking Republicans hates
      non whites and women.

      Thats your answer.

    2. +Vanessa Araujo it’s racist to act like it’s a bad thing just because
      they’re mainly white.

    3. +Vanessa Araujo Your continued dodging of the point tells me you understand
      why TYT is cancerous. I don’t like the GOP or conservatives, but TYT’s
      attacks are so baseless they force us to defend them.

  6. And then you complain when a politician involves lots of races in a
    promotional photo. There is no pleasing SJW’s.

    1. +Omar Peoples Sargon is mostly very objective. He calls out bullshit with
      logic on either side of the political spectrum. Sargon is no racist.

    1. Capitol Hill is a meritocracy, too. If the blacks aren’t intelligent enough
      to intern for U.S. representatives, then it’s not Paul Ryan’s fault.

    2. +TexasNightmare210 IKR, just dropping that and running away. Typical TYT

    1. +Jeffrey Pichardo 1) He didn’t even say that.
      2) Even if he did, that still doesn’t change TYT’s hypocrisy and stupidity.

    2. +Doctor Batman So you don’t feel the Republican Party has been kind of
      racist lately?

    3. +Jeffrey Pichardo how does that in any way excuse the stupidity expressed
      by TYT in this video?

    1. What you originally said was incredibly racist. You say that minorities (as
      if they are some collective group rather than individuals) were lured away
      because of fringe benefits. Is welfare not available to white people, why
      were they not all lured to the Democrats? It seems like there is a racist
      assumption in your statement that implies that minorities are easily lured
      away by some sort of trickery. All the while you ignore the blatant racist
      pandering that conservative do in this country.

      Example: I don’t like the strategies employed by BLM but there are many
      right wingers that are comparing them to the KKK. This is the type of thing
      that pisses off black people who aren’t even associated with BLM. Its just
      like pro-birthers comparing abortions in the U.S. to the Holocaust.

    2. Actually there are slightly more blacks on welfare than whites (39.8 to
      38.8) But considering the populations of both about 55 percent of blacks
      are on welfare, while only 20 percent of whites are on welfare.
      US Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Commerce,
      CATO Institute

    1. +Doctor Batman As a college student myself. Let me break some things down
      for you. All these internships are unpaid. At least most of them. Which
      means that minorities who most likely are facing challenging financial
      circumstances don’t get these opportunities. Hence why they need to appeal
      to ALL of us not just us rich white people.

    2. +Sara DeLaVega what does that have to do with the video or our
      conversation? I’m not arguing the merits of unpaid internships.

    1. +k Chacon in the end I don’t blame white people for not noticing the BS
      that’s all around and throughout this country. white people aren’t
      minorities so it would be impossible for you guys or people like you to
      understand what’s wrong with situations like this. on your side of the
      tracks everything looks perfectly fine, that’s why I don’t get mad at
      people like fox news anymore, you guys just don’t understand.

  7. How do we call someone who thinks someone else’s race is a problem?

    A racist.

    1. +MyChico333 listen my guy you couldn’t convince these people to look up
      facta if their lives depended on it. only diversity these SJW care about is
      color diversity.

    2. What do you call someone without the brainpower to understand the point and
      twists it into something entirely different that they then attack like a

      A Moron. Synonym-Conservative

    3. Racist calling non racist racist is classic.

      TYT is just pointing out the obvious.

    4. +Donald Trump. I’m just not a fan of making judgements based on people’s
      skin color, but I don’t know what the definition of racist is these days.

      So who knows, maybe that is indeed a racist thing to say.

    1. +Ricardo
      Regardless of if people still watch them, that doesn’t mean they produce
      quality content.

  8. I would never as a black guy join a Republican convention. I will consider
    it when they end their southern stradegy.

    1. +Jaguar Warrior
      Opponents of bigotry and racism conveniently forget about these behaviors.

    2. +Shadow Just look at who republicans have as a candidate now, just look at
      Steve Kings recent statments. Voter id laws, no Republican acknowledge
      police brutality exist while almost all democrats acknowledge it and they
      have it in their plattform to make police reform. Lets face it the southern
      strategy is still deep rooted in the Republican party, they can’t let go of
      the racist south.

  9. You guys are right! He should pretend to love blacks and fly them in like
    Hilary does!

    1. +Marshall D Teach not saying he does hate. I’m saying if he wants to take
      this pic let him. He shouldn’t have to falsely mix everything up like

    2. +HUGDABLOCKTV No one should blame him. but it is still funny to point out
      that in a country that is 40% non white the republicans couldn’t find one
      minority who wanted to intern for them.

  10. Step 1. Shame all blacks who have conservative views.
    Step 2. Shame conservatives for not having a lot of blacks.

    1. Step 1, you say we need to talk. He walks, you say sit down, it’s just a

  11. That’s what happens when people are actually selected by credentials and
    merit rather than some absurd diversity quota.

    1. there’s not one asian, latino, or african american qualified to be a
      political aide for the GOP?

    2. Are you suggesting that there are no people of different races that have
      the credentials to be congressional interns?

    3. You are a moron Paul Ryan was born into wealth and became speaker against
      no odds

    4. No that’s not the suggestion Branden and Alexander, but when non-whites are
      ostracized by their own for holding different opinions than them it’s not
      surprising many won’t apply in the first place.

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