1. Hillary Clinton – the emperor
    Donald Trump – Darth Vader
    Bernie Sanders – Obi-wan Kenobi

    • Donald Trump is Jar Jar Binks. Offensively annoying and dripping with
      racist overtones.

  2. The last thing I want to see, you ask? Trump’s face on MY T-Shirt… wtf
    were you guys thinking?

  3. A 2X is too small; when will you guys start carrying 5 and 6 X’s? Id love
    to have this shirt!

  4. Cenk would have been best represented as a buffalo on it’s hind legs
    holding a piece of fried chicken.

  5. I feel like tyt is starting to repeat liberal talking points rather than
    actually presenting their opinion

    • Yes she is but they dont see it! They rolled over and are now supporting
      the corrupt fucked up DNC! SAD! SO VERY SAD!

  6. Have to hand it to TYT. They’re pretty non-apologetic about the
    TYTmembershirt thing. While they claim “technical issues” when paying
    members want to order the free tyt member t-shirt, they’re able to launch a
    new t-shirt AND have a sale.

    I’ve been a paying member since somewhere around 07 or 08, but i’m done.
    Cancelling my membership. Scumbags trying to bullshit me and the rest of
    the members who support them financially. I’m not taking it.

    • +The Blackfish Convince you of what? Reality? If you are delusional, you
      need meds, not more lies from The Young Turds.

    • no it’s just that it happened on the weekend, so nobody is at work. Next
      time you have a coup, do it on a Wednesday, so by Friday is over and we can
      all go out for drinks

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