Eric Holder Looked The Other Way On Narco-Laundering HSBC Bank 1

Eric Holder Looked The Other Way On Narco-Laundering HSBC Bank

Republicans recently released a report that was shockingly correct. What is this!?! Eric Holder looked the other way on criminal banks. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"U.S. Justice Department officials overruled their prosecutors’ recommendation to pursue criminal charges against HSBC Holdings PLC over money-laundering failings, according to a House committee report prepared by Republicans that sheds new light on the bank’s 2012 settlement.

The report, which was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal ahead of its release Monday morning and was prepared by the Republican staff of the Financial Services Committee, concluded that former Attorney General Eric Holder overruled the internal recommendation and subsequently misled Congress about the Justice Department’s decision not to prosecute the U.K. bank.

“Rather than lacking adequate evidence to prove HSBC’s criminal conduct, internal Treasury documents show that DOJ leadership declined to pursue [the] recommendation to prosecute HSBC because senior DOJ leaders were concerned that prosecuting the bank ‘could result in a global financial disaster,’ ” the 282-page report stated.”*

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43 condolence

  1. I would just like to inform everyone that FBI Director James Comey was a
    Board member of HSBC Holdings in 2013 when they settled out of court
    with the DoJ for laundering BILLIONS for drug cartels and terrorist
    organizations. And now he heads our FBI. Barack Obama and Eric Holder
    let him off the hook, and he returned the favor for Hillary. Loretta
    Lynch was told by Bill Clinton on that tarmac in Phoenix to defer the
    decision to the FBI for a REASON.

  2. DAMN, I just wish this period in history would go away! Cant take much
    more! Its ugly!

  3. i hope y’all are doing another vid on the coup. once its wrapped up over
    the weekend.

  4. James Comey…the head of the FBI used to be an executive at HSBC when all
    this money laundering was taking place…he also has ties to the Clinton
    Foundation. No surprise he didn’t move to indict Clinton…he’s just as
    crooked as they are.

    1. Well, not exactly. Comey was appointed to HSBC’s Board of Directors after
      the scandal to “improve the company’s compliance program” (Wikipedia).
      Don’t get me wrong though, this still is akin to hiring a police officer to
      “improve the legality” of a crooked casino. HSBC should have been shut
      down….it “circumvented the rules designed to prevent dealings with Iran,
      Burma [and] North Korea,” as well as “high-profile clients involved in drug
      trafficking” in Mexico (HSBC Money Laundering Report, BBC, 12/11/2012).
      Instead it was just fined….too big to jail, indeed.

  5. still talking about ex d.o.j while lynch testified making herself and the
    Clinton’s look guilty and tyt seems like they r refusing to talk about it
    has been almost a week and no word from

  6. That’s the game of drug prohibition. To criminalize poor ppl, secure the
    profits of pharmaceutical corporations and banks and to support organized

    1. Indeed. Comey “was appointed to the board of directors of the London-based
      financial institution HSBC Holdings, to improve the company’s compliance
      program after its $1.9 billion settlement wih the Justice Department for
      failing to comply with basic money laundering regarding Mexican drug
      cartels and terrorism financing.”(Wikipedia). Comey was not involved with
      HSBC at the time of the laundering (so far as I know) BUT being appointed
      to the Board of Directors there to “improve the company’s compliance” after
      the scandal is like hiring a police officer to “improve the legality” of a
      crooked casino. In other words, as close to outright corruption as you can
      get. For circumventing “the rules designed to prevent dealings with Iran,
      Burma, [and] North Korea” (“HSBC Money Laundering Report”, BBC, 12/11/2012)
      HSBC should have been shut down. Period. Instead, they bought off the

  7. Cut Holder some slack. This problem is way bigger than the justice
    department. Its not the AG’s responsibility to break up big banks.

    1. What IS the Attorney General’s Office responsible for? No please, don’t
      answer. Just think about it.

  8. Comey was on the board of directors of that bamk.
    HSBC was also a sponsor of the Clinton foundation.
    FBI agents believe there was a deal between the Clintons and Loretta Lynch
    but since Obama has put more whistle blowers in jail then any President
    before him they preferred to speak anonymously. Lynch also had a job with
    the Clinton foundation.
    How can anyone have any faith in the American justice system when the heads
    of these agencies conducting these investigations are extensions of the
    institutions they were supposed to be investigating? This goes way beyond a
    conflict of interests. How can the department of justice and the FBI be
    expected to conduct an unbiased professional investigation knowing of the
    extent of this extremely incestuous relationship between the HSBC, the
    department of justice, the FBI and the Clintons? (Cited from a document I

    1. I received a reply to my comment via e-mail but it has not appeared here. A
      guy was indignant because Cenk had not mentioned the connections I write
      about above. I thought I might be telling Cenk about things he did not know.
      Putting aside the moral issues, I feel a kind of sympathy for Comey. He has
      a concerned suffering face and it says what his words don’t say.

  9. interesting that Republicans would even be interested in releasing this.
    Yeah it’s against holder but it goes against their own rigged system.

    1. Dude your pride is twisting your narrative and to quote Cenk “wildly

  10. Chunk Ogre says that Holder is not a bad person? How is being corrupt not
    bad? Why is he toning down on his condemnation of these criminals in the
    government? Afraid Shillary is going to keep losing votes.?

    1. its terrorist propaganda channel covering the 28 pages goes against the
      narrative this commie channel is peddling

  11. How is this not an illegal conflict of interest. It’s exactly like a judge
    presiding over a case in which he works for the defendant.

    1. Yeah, it’s illegal. That’s the point. This isn’t new, it’s been happening
      for decades, centuries on some level. It really doesn’t take very much
      education to put the pieces together, just a bit of information, which has
      become more accessible since the advent of the internet. We’re in a sort of
      chaos atm as we are divided between a population who grew up without ready
      access to information and those who did. We should start to reach an
      equilibrium in 10 more years that tapers off in 40-60 depending on how long
      the pre-internet people live. It the next 10, the internet for knowledge
      people will become the majority tho and we should begin to progress quite

    2. Yes it’s illegal, however the people who would have final say on actually
      enforcing these laws are the ones who have the biggest conflict of interest
      as their retirement from public office will most likely be at one of these
      private corporations paying off the system to get away with whatever the
      hell they want. It’s entirely cyclic. The only way to stop it is to force
      new people into the system who won’t bend to big business’ whims, but since
      the election system is rigged to a certain degree (at least at this moment
      in time) it is incredibly difficult to actually do anything about it.
      Informed masses are really the only way to get things moving away from this
      corruption at this point, and that’s still assuming that they don’t put
      some asinine laws in place like the ruling on Citizens United that
      basically legalized mass political bribery. Unfortunately this internet
      generation is just going to have to wait until they outweigh the older
      voters, who (mostly) rely on puff pieces in order to know what their
      politicians stand for, until any substantial changes can occur.

  12. only proving once again that the law is to snare and imprison the poor and
    to excuse the rich!

    Meanwhile we have thousands of poor Americans in jail for unpaid traffic
    and parking tickets!

    1. “He who steals a little, they arrest him and call him a thief!
      He who steals a lot, they worship him and call him a king!”

    2. @thekeyser, in all the americas there people jailed over bs while people
      who commit the most hideous crimes enjoy full impunity (if they are rich…)

  13. And these liberals and progressives love big government, I can’t blame
    them, they’re nothing but children

    1. +Elephant Warrior Exactly. We can thank the “small government” of George W.
      Bush for the multi-trillion dollar War on Terror (which is STILL being
      fought), and the Great Recession of 2008 (which, ironically, cost the GOP
      the presidency that year).

    2. Two largest growths of Federal Government in modern history were under
      Reagan and Bush Jr., so suck it.

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