Eric Garner’s Daughter Felt “Railroaded” During Obama Town Hall 1

Eric Garner’s Daughter Felt “Railroaded” During Obama Town Hall

The daughter of Eric Garner was invited to an ABC town hall with President Obama. She is not happy about how she was treated there. Ana Kasparian, Ben Makiewicz, and Kenny Hamilton, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“The daughter of Eric Garner, the man who died two years ago after New York City police placed him in a chokehold, walked out of an ABC News taping of a town hall with President Barack Obama Thursday in protest, saying network producers broke a promise to highlight her questions.

Erica Garner is now denouncing the session on race, saying she was “lied to” and was “railroaded” by ABC producers who ignored her questions for the president.

“ABC is using black lives as a rating and to get paid,” Garner told HuffPost in an exclusive video statement. “They guaranteed me that I would be asking the president direct questions about what’s going on. I was lied to.”

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Makiewicz, Kenny Hamilton

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Makiewicz, Kenny Hamilton


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  1. The only way this show can be saved is if anna K does a porno or leaks a
    sex tape.

    That would be epic!

    1. +Audi Man maybe that’s because the city is a weird place to want to go
      around gun toting

    2. +Kayla Malcolm Not every big city is stupid like Chicago, San Francisco,
      New York City, and Washington, D.C. My native hometown, Philadelphia is
      just as staunchly liberal as the 4 piece of crap cities I mentioned, yet it
      allows you to acquire, own, and posses a gun legally as long as you have
      your license to carry firearms (LTCF) with you. As long as you show your
      license to carry when an officer requests it, you’re fine.

  2. Clinton is already doing white house pr strategy apparently, as black
    people are about to face a wall of bullshit covered by a light coat of
    90’s-style gold.

    1. Haha, had to laugh at that metaphor. I wish we had a third viable candidate
      but right now she’s looking like a slightly tarnished golden egg in
      comparison to the other literally covered in sh$t.

  3. When will blacks realize democrats don’t care about you, you are tools to
    be used, by both sides, little pets, nothing more.

    1. +John Charles Ditto 100 percent true! GOP wants business free to soar and
      hire people. Reduce business taxes and even help you get a business going.
      The DEMS do nothing for the crime rate in Black areas when they are the
      mayor or President and they only put Blacks on programs. Only lazy blacks
      are DEMS.

  4. The poor girl. Now she won’t ever see her dad’s 32nd arrest. The police are
    such racists.

  5. I can certainly understand the need to ask direct questions of the
    President, but they seem more angry that they didn’t get to do a televised
    version of a typical BLM shout-down of some opposing opinion or some fact
    that they didn’t like.

    1. The point is that she had questions to ask, and it was a townhall. They are
      supposed to be events where you can ask a question and the politician
      answers it in front of everyone.

    1. You could offer an actual analysis of their news coverage to prove that
      they are doing something wrong.

    2. Well for start they seem to think that the black live’s matter community
      can do no wrong.
      while there are currently black live’s matter activists that openly support
      the killing of all white people.
      regardless of who they are as individuals.

    1. It is fact that liberal cucks hate objectivity as it is the biggest threat
      to their fantastical ideas.

  6. As a white man, I want to issue a statement of solidarity on behalf of all
    whites to all black folk. We stand with you in the fight against police


    1. +oBLACKIECHANoo you are trying too hard to ignore the reality of *White
      Privilege* in America. I ask you only this; why do you sweat profusely
      knowing that your children could be minorities one day in America?

    2. +Thomas MacKelly being white hasn’t stopped you from becoming an
      incompetent waste of sperm who contributes nothing to society. You’re
      living proof that white privilege doesn’t exist.

  7. I think she has a point. We aren’t asking the right questions. We don’t ask
    the right questions about racial stuff within our borders. We don’t ask the
    right questions about foreign affairs. We don’t ask the right questions
    about the fiscal systems employed at the state and federal level. All
    knowledge is born of questions, and what he have now is a bunch of
    hoople-heads shouting at one another.

  8. Military coup in Turkey. 60 dead so far. Most likely secularist trying to
    get rid of Erdogan to stop further islamisation.

    1. +Night Dark it may be true that his election wasn’t a 100 % democratic but
      it stil was a lot more democratic than an attempted coup of a group
      (secularists) that don’t agree with the (rigged) vote of the majority of
      the population. Can you really toss out your own democratic vallues if it’s
      convenient for your own agenda and say afterwards that you only acted on
      behalve of the people? If it is islamisation that they want that’s what
      they get, just as America deserves trump if they elect him imo.

  9. Yeah….I mean ….these BLM members feel entitled to take over meetings
    and the microphone- if they are not allowed to do this, then that means
    whitey “railroaded” them. And don’t be mistaken…..they blame white people
    for being “railroaded”

    1. Didn’t you hear: black people are incapable of being wrong now…whatever
      they say/feel/do is correct so you better stop with that racism.

    2. The Meeting was about her, and she wasn’t asked anything. Its like Trump
      walking out of the White house, and treated as the bystander at his
      inaugural address.

  10. Well aint that typical by someone black, always feeling entitled to

    1. And the left telling them they are in fact entitled to something… It’s
      been the destruction of black america

    1. Let me do the popcorn before reading the comments. And then the funky
      chicken, the breakdown, the macarina, and finally some of uncle Jed’s fancy
      foot stomping.

  11. Yeah, it IS the White House, shill! Gawd, these people are in such denial.

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