Doing All Actual Work Part Of The Deal For Trump’s VP 1

Doing All Actual Work Part Of The Deal For Trump’s VP

We’ve long suspected that Donald Trump doesn’t want the presidency to improve the country, but for fame, power, and money. New information shows he’s already explained to his potential vice presidential picks that he wouldn’t be doing any actual work on the job. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?), John Iadarola (ThinkTank), and Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"In the week since Donald Trump declared Indiana Gov. Mike Pence his official running mate, it's become apparent that the Republican nominee for president wasn't totally enthusiastic over his religious-conservative pick. The delayed and then bungled announcement, the repeated insistence by a frustrated Trump that Pence, contrary to rumors, was in fact his first choice, and Pence's lackluster performance on the 60 Minutes interview all contributed to the speculation…

If true, this means that Trump doesn't plan on doing much governing at all. It may also reveal that he actually agrees with Hillary Clinton's claim that he istemperamentally unfit to become president of the United States.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Michael Shure
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Michael Shure


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56 condolence

  1. Wow, actual, meaningful criticism. It’s rare to see that here. I’m
    impressed. Keep it up.

  2. And the idiots on the screen don’t realize that Hillary is as Republican as
    George Bush. So either way we’re getting a Republican, wakey wakey TYT! We
    need a functioning second party, the Democrats are the villains and the
    Republicans are the joke.

  3. At the debates, Mike Pence will be at the podium while Trump stands behind
    him making stupid faces and giving several thumbs up.

  4. All these dumb Trump supporters are voting for Mike Pence as president.

  5. Trump wants the title of President but doesn’t want the work that goes with
    it. He’s only interested in the power that goes with the Office. Washington
    and Lincoln must be turning in their graves.

  6. I’m thinking the RNC establishment are aiming to get Trump impeached so the
    job officially will go to the VP.

    1. Impeached? Why waste their time? As soon as I saw he picked Pence my 25%
      prediction is assassination. I mean, people used to think some far left
      crazy might assassinate trump. But now with Pence, now Trump has to watch
      out for crazy conservatives too.

  7. The closing words, “He’s going to bankrupt us and he’s going to destroy us.”

    PROPHETIC. I hope not.

  8. I just gained a lot of respect for John Kasich. And I respected him before.
    Now I know these three things.
    1. He’s Principled enough to reject the juicy offer of a madman
    2. He’s Smart enough to be planning his own path to the presidency
    3. He has the balls to resist a major power boost because he knows Trump is
    a sinking ship.

    1. What‽ John Kasich is going to run as an independent? This late into the

    2. Honestly, I’m not even sure he wants to run in 2020. I do think he really,
      really fundamentally disagrees with how trump has run his cmspaign and with
      the things he’s said etc. I think there’s more than just political
      calculation here.

  9. I always said, Trump doesn’t want to BE president, he just wants to WIN the

    Being president is no fun and a 24/7 job. No time for doing nonsense like
    The Apprentice.

    1. I think his idea of the presidency is lots of free time, and occasionally
      some lackey drops by in need of guidance, which he will then graciously
      give. And after his 4-year stint he will make lots and lots of money. No

    2. He wants to call himself “Mr. President” while he’s watching himself jerk
      off in the bathroom mirror. That’s pretty much it.

    3. Win the Presidency…
      Sell it off to the highest bidder?
      Oh how much the oligarchs are salivating over that impending possibility.

  10. I do not hate trump, but he is not a proper leader for our beautiful
    nation. He is far too self absorbed and emotionally driven. He’s obsessed
    with money and power, and has no prior experience or knowledge in
    government. I doubt he even knows the history of our country in detail.

    1. +orlando martinez hmmm I’m not her but, I think hating a person over
      political reasons is just going too far, I dislike a lot of politicians and
      public figures, but what do I gain from hating them? nothing, hate doesn’t
      get you anywhere.

    2. +OficialHermoso Doesn’t stop me from hating him. I don’t have a choice in
      this ok

    1. “We want Trump!” is what they shouted among the boos when they realized he
      wasn’t going to endorse Trump.

  11. Is it just me or is some weird mic. problem making everyone a Satanic
    rumble while they speak

    1. did you watch fox news lately? the last time i saw fox news and then a TYT
      video i heard them like that

    2. +D X Oh, I know their audio and circumstances aren’t ideal 😛 I just don’t
      recall hearing that weird, deep rumble in their voices the last two days.

    1. +Christopher Davis
      You really believe the heavyweight champ has to rape? Look back D.
      Washington claimed someone raped her the week before she accused Tyson.

    1. Man. We could have had Bernie Sanders! Just watching this orange national
      disgrace go on week after week.

      We had it!

    2. +Antonio Hector I am even more bitter because I was ranting about stuff
      like this back in 2014…. it really makes me sad.

  12. So basically Trump wants to delegate running the country so he can focus on
    running his business. What a greedy bastard.

    1. I have been trying to tell folks that a billionaire will not change status
      quo … because he benefits from the system that favors the rich.

    2. He wants to be a king. That’s pretty much how modern monarchies work in

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