Diamond And Silk Interview With Cenk Uygur At 2016 RNC

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks interviews Diamond and Silk, two YouTubers who have achieved viral fame for their YouTube videos in support of Donald Trump. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Diamond and Silk's most popular video:


  1. Please don’t ever do that again… As a black man, in the South, I can
    surely say that this was painful to watch. I wouldn’t be surprised if these
    gals end up doing a show with Paula Dean and Don Imus… 😫

  2. No matter whether and how much I agree with what those women say or not, *I
    find them charming, lovely and adorable.*

    • me too, they’re adorable, I don’t even care that I don’t agree with them. I
      want to see Diamond make her next point in the most adorable way LOL. Even
      though she is so fundamentally wrong

  3. Coons they look and act like the stereotypical black women white people
    love to make fun of.

  4. Their passion makes me want to get up and cheer. Unfortunately everything
    they said made my ears bleed.

  5. why are people still enabling these butter bisquit bitches to be on screen?
    shame on you TYT.

    • Even if you don’t agree with what they have to say, they do have a right to
      speak their minds. If Cenk only interviewed those who had the same
      political viewpoints as him and those who watch his show, he would be just
      as awful as those other corporate run news networks who show the world from
      only one point of view.

    • Why are you confused? Is it really hard to swallow that not all blacks only
      vote democrats? You’re so narrow minded to think that certain groups of
      people should only vote one way? These ladies are a great example of real
      Americans who do not subscribed to the leftist narratives of victimhood.
      They can think for themselves and they just schooled Cenk on his own turf.

    • +devonferris I know Black people who are Republicans but they don’t come
      off like these two who do sound like a comic act. Has nothing to do with
      them not being Democrats.

  6. “I start doctoring on people”
    Why wasn’t the RNC broadcasted on Comedy Central?

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