Correction: Sarah Palin Said BLM Aren't "Peaceful," Not BLM Aren't "People" 1

Correction: Sarah Palin Said BLM Aren’t “Peaceful,” Not BLM Aren’t “People”

During a recent story on Sarah Palin we misheard her and thought she was saying that Black Lives Matter activists aren’t people. She actually said they aren’t peaceful. We correct the record, and the old video has been taken down. Sorry for the mistake. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?), John Iadarola (ThinkTank), and Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin once again took aim at Black Lives Matters protesters Sunday, calling them “thugs” and demanding the media “quit claiming that these rioters are peaceful.”

In an interview on radio show “Breitbart News Sunday,” the former Alaska governor argued that the Black Lives Matter movement is in part responsible for the actions of a lone sniper (who was not affiliated with the peaceful movement) who fatally shot five police officers in Dallas last week.

“They’re not protesters,” she said. “These are thugs. They’re rioters. And yeah, I’m calling out the media, saying quit claiming that these rioters are peaceful. They’re stomping on our flag, figuratively and literally, shouting death to cops, celebrating violence.”

Her use of “thug” isn’t without racial connotations. Many argue that it’s merely the socially acceptable version of the N-word, and some members of the media have vowed not to use it.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Michael Shure
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Michael Shure


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64 condolence

    1. Ironic…..that a the guy claiming TYT’s audience are assholes, can’t even
      write a proper sentence.

    2. +Seldz 1 In what way was that ironic? Ironic you don´t even understand what
      ironic means.

  1. This non-apology should honestly have more dislikes than the original

    1. +treehuggerkyle

      So what you’re saying is that Cenk didn’t apologize…? Making it a… Wait
      for it… Non-apology…

    2. +Bazuuka Joe in the words of the new educated gucci mane “mind blowing”

  2. Correction? After all the horrendous mistakes you made THIS is the first
    time you correct yourself? I expect a correction regarding the Armenian
    Genocide by tomorrow and an apology to Sam Harris for calling him a
    “genocidal maniac”, you idiots.

  3. It was actually unclear to me too. I had to rewind it a few times to
    actually hear what she said, because it sounded like ‘people’ to me too

    1. +Andrew Millar Boom!!! They’ll keep making excuses for him. The Buffalo has
      a disturbing fan base, especially for a ‘journalist’.

  4. Almost as shitty as his retraction of comments he made about the Armenian
    Genocide. But, at least it didn’t take 25 years.

    1. “im not a professor, so i wont comment on it anymore” yeah, that is one
      hell of a non-retraction.

    2. I originally used a pic of a Popeye’s biscuit, but this biscuit is just so
      damn light and fluffy, I had to go with it.

    1. He is a regressive genocide denier. He is about as loathsome as it is
      possible to be.

    2. He has finally decided to retract his comments, in January this year I
      believe, it took twenty years but he has at last agreed it did take place.
      I used to complain about this too, but he has posted a retraction, although
      not in the most public manner.

  5. Pressure from Atheism is unstoppable, Sargon, Bearing and others have
    basically turned you in to a meme. It’s the only reason it’s taken you over
    a week for this correction.

    1. TYT journalistic integrity broke long ago. The difference is Sargon and the
      others are not a ‘news’ network.

    2. +Alexander Wieser And when it comes to BLM its mainly about the premiss.
      BLM in its entirety have done nothing for black americans. 100% of BLM have
      spread false information. As well as its following, it has really flawed
      leadership. They have not improved race relations or police relations. They
      perpetuated an idea that black lives dont matter. For this most black
      people dont even like the movement.
      I cant believe you just used the ‘Not all’ argument.

    1. if he didnt he would have gotten it correct while reading the transcripts
      but he chose not to this is proof of his bias and it isnt the first time
      people need to actually see both sides listen to what the videos they show
      say and what cenk and them say was said more times than not they will twist
      it and change words it is total dishonesty

  6. That’s right. Walk it back.

    Meanwhile, credibility isn’t so easy to regain once it’s been so
    spectacularly lost…

    1. They made 1 mistake, and corrected it. Do you so arrogantly believe no
      other news network makes mistakes?

    2. +Tom C Sure, other news networks made mistakes.

      But, hardly as egregiously bad as this.

    3. +dumbassmoron Much like Cenk did when he thought Sarah Palin said that the
      rioters weren’t people?

    4. +Watcher3223 They misquoted someone. Politicians do it all the time. Regan
      did it, Obama, Bush, Clinton. Not to mention regular people. CNN has
      misquoted people, MSNBC, Fox “News”. Misquotes happen.

    1. So u know which division it’s the emblem of? They’re not my favorite
      division, but I like the IDEA behind them…

  7. Honestly I do not blame Cenk one bit for misunderstanding her. She doesn’t
    speak well to begin with and it is very hard to make out what she is
    saying. Add in the fact that she clearly has some kind of speech impediment
    and adding words together is not at all her strength. So ya I give you a

  8. Right wingers just had their brains blown by Cenk’s acknowledgment of
    error. They’ve never seen anything like it before.

    1. +i5m1thy Its just that TYT is so far left, that left leaning centrists seem
      like nazis.There is a massive echo chamber here.

    2. I love how you assume anyone who doesn’t fully support TYT is right wing.
      I’ve got some news for you. There are hundreds of thousands of us on the
      left who are as disgusted with the extreme left as they are the extreme
      right. I’m sure I’m just not a true Scotsman though, you probably know my
      political views better than myself.

    1. +Thomas “TheGreatestLiberal” MacKelly No, of course he doesn’t care. Look
      at you dumbasses who couldn’t care less how obviously dishonest he was
      being. I don’t know if you saw the original video but he knew what he was

    2. +Thomas “TheGreatestLiberal” MacKelly And save me your cries of ‘silly
      conservatives’. It isn’t our fault the right is correct on this issue. You
      think we want to stand up for Palin?

  9. Cenk denies which of the following?

    a. BLM is violent
    b. Black people commit more crime than whites
    c. The Armenian Genocide
    d. All of the above

    1. OK what part of the BLM charter is violent. They already put out thier
      goals and agenda, so point out to me which part of it was violent. Let me
      guess, you can’t? Can’t expect much from a racist.

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