Cops Abandon Post After Athletes Honor Victims 1

Cops Abandon Post After Athletes Honor Victims

Minnesota cops were offended by basketball players honoring victims of police shootings. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Lynx captains Seimone Augustus, Rebekkah Brunson, Maya Moore and Lindsay Whalen held a news conference before Saturday’s game against Dallas in a show of support for the victims and families of the high-profile shootings in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights and Dallas in the last week.

The four players took seats on the dais in the Target Center media room wearing T-shirts that read “Change Starts With Us, Justice and Accountability” on the front and the names of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, the logo for the Dallas Police Department and Black Lives Matter on back. The team wore the T-shirts during pregame warmups.

Brunson and Moore read prepared statements, while Whalen and Augustus flanked the duo but did not speak. They did not take questions from the media.

“I’ve got four captains that understand what we do is more than sports,” Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve told team radio voice John Focke on the team pregame show. “They understand they have a voice, have a platform, which they feel very fortunate to have.”

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56 condolence

  1. The second congress signed the Patriot act into law we were all screwed.
    The government was never going to give up that unconstitutional power. Name
    a government or situation were those in power gave up even some of their
    power without someone applying force.

  2. If this doesn’t prove to you the spoiled brat mentality of the pigs in this
    country, you’re a dumbass, or white.

    1. Well that’s an awful generalization. Are you saying that being a dumbass
      and white go hand-in-hand? Don’t be racist if you don’t want racism.

  3. Sporting events are private events cops do it as a form of overtime. They
    could leave if they wanted.

  4. You far-left idiots (TYT fans) are the most dishonest people on the
    planet…..They didn’t leave “because they were honoring victims”….They
    left cause BLM is a HATE GROUP and has made it clear they *HATE COPS*. They
    have said they wanted the police department torn aprat….they chant things
    like, “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” and “what do we want? dead
    cops! When do we want it? NOW!”. All this and you idiots want to cry they
    leave and that they’re leaving cause “da be wasis”

    1. You’re typical and have clearly bought in to the right wing propaganda:
      Find the worst things that a FEW are doing, and base the entire group on
      actions of the few. Since you have that false logic, I can say the entire
      police department is corrupt since there are corrupt cops in the system

  5. Classic TYT not telling the full story, KNOWING FULL WELL that these
    officers were off duty and contracted privately by the stadium for
    security. MEANING its just like an every day job. You can walk off your
    job, why cant they?

    1. So something that you do in the private sector completely unrelated to your
      actual job should be grounds for you being fired. I think not. Maybe you
      want to go live in soviet Russia then. We will never agree on this anyway
      so i will not be responding to you in the future.

    2. +Wardemonxi Yes he does say they were off duty. however he acts as though
      they dont have the option to walk off the job, which they do. And i dont
      blame them one bit.

    3. Blocking a lot of left wing idiots today. Im glad you’re all crawling out
      of the woodwork to hate on cops. Makes it a lot easier to never have to see
      you in the comment section. 🙂

  6. They didn’t abandon their posts. They were off-duty working as security

    1. It’s still a post. A “post” is any job that involves guarding something.

    2. +James Lopez Yeah but the way Cenk describes it they stopped protecting
      them as police officers – and that’s not what happened. Working private
      security is different than being a police officer.

    3. They weren’t scooping ice cream, dude. They were there AS SECURITY. It’s
      the same thing as if they walked off while “protecting and serving” the
      community as a cop. SAME DAMN THING.

    1. I think the local unions make the teams hire off duty union cops. but im
      not sure

    1. That still doesn’t make what they did right. It reflects poorly on their
      department and they should be fired for that.

    2. He said that idiot. I doesn’t change the fact that they are scum for

  7. Cops don’t protect anything Cenk.
    They should change the phrase protect and serve to
    Harass and intimidate

    1. I feel so many people are focusing on race that they’re losing site of the
      issue. It’s not about discriminating on this race or that race (sure
      there’s some of that too) but the way I see it is that cops aren’t trained
      very well and can be quite trigger happy. If they were better trained the
      prejudice would be easier to gauge rather than throwing this or that

    2. +Brandon Browne None of my comments were about race. It was about shitty

      But, let’s not be naive here.

      We all know what areas get policed the most. So if you have more run ins
      with a particular race that’s going to be part of the issue.

  8. Remind me again, what happens if a teacher, dishwasher or doctor go to
    their work , is there for five minutes and then goes home because they
    didnt feel to work that day ?

    1. So they were there out of the goodness of the hearts and didn’t accept any
      money for their services? If you don’t do your job, you can definitely be
      fired. In fact, depending on their contract with the stadium they can be
      further penalized as well.

    1. +eliott970 a public servant certainly shouldn’t be allowed to do anything
      close to that

    2. +eliott970 Sure, but you can still be fired for it. If a construction
      worker is being paid overtime to finish a project he can’t just walk off
      the job site and expect to still be employed. A McDonalds cashier working
      the midnight shift can’t just leave. They were being paid to do a job and
      they refused to do it. They should be fired.

    1. They are not volunteering. That is not what off-duty means. They get paid
      upwards of $35 per hour in cash by the event planners.

    2. +Dallas
      they have the right to quit like anyone else. They are not legally mandated
      to be there.

  9. Sorry folks, but cops don’t have a constitutional duty to “protect and
    serve”. That is just propaganda..
    a) Warren v. District of Columbia
    b) Castle Rock v. Gonzales
    c) Others

    This is one reason why citizens *need* firearms. Coz cops can’t be trusted.

    1. *”…what is their purpose then? Suppress the public?”*

      Basically, yeah. *(smirk)*

    2. +Luc Buydens As an example: It is a law to criminalize murder. Thus, cops
      arrest murderers.
      However, cops are not penalized if they fail to prevent murders from
      actually happening..
      Read the links.. If they fail to/don’t stop a crime [in time], they are not

      I’m guessing this is because they don’t want to punish cops who fail to do
      things, even if they tried. However, this also means that if cops
      purposefully fail, they won’t be prosecuted. Plus, it would be tough to
      prove intent to fail..

      Ok, in this particular TYT video, they purposefully left. But I can bet
      that they will not be punished by law for this at all..

  10. BREAKING NEWS Hillary Clinton has just announced to have a constitutional
    amendment within her 1st 30 days to overturn Citizens United.

  11. smh these cops have no control of what they protect. If they are told to
    protect and patrol and area, they are to stay there and not leave lmao.

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