Conservatives Boycotting Drudge Report After “Black Lives Kill” Headline

Matt Drudge is an extreme conservative who may be getting too extreme for a large segment of Republicans. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"While police officers in downtown Dallas were being killed late Thursday night into Friday morning, conservative media hero Matt Drudgedonned the homepage of his eponymous Drudge Report with an unmistakable approach to the story…

Targeting the growing #BlackLiveMatter protest movement in this country, Drudge opted for the most sinister take of the work done by the group, even though at the time the headline was published, very few details about the shooter were known.

As we would come to discover on Friday, the alleged gunman Micah X. Johnson was an Army veteran with experienced military training and a black militant.

Conservatives in the political media world have been critical of Drudge for the flap ever since it went public.”*

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  1. Looks like TYT helped get 3 more cops killed today. How is TYT going to

    • I think a few videos right? blaming white people right? will do the trick
      right? followed by Cenk right? finally giving up right? this annoying way
      of taking right?

    • +LIGHT WOLF nah won’t be millions. Black people wouldn’t be willing to take
      it that far. They would be up against drones, tanks, heavy duty machine
      guns etc… they would get killed at a 100 to 1 rate.

  2. BLM is a straight up terrorist organization. Ban them immediately! They are
    not doing me as a black person any favors.

    • +bkcpisme And you know who’s commuting crimes disproportionately? Yep
      Blacks, still surprised that they die more often to police?

  3. We need a rebellion in the democratic party, separate neolibs from real

    • first we gotta get our terminology correct there is nothing wrong with
      being liberal Thomas Jefferson hit the nail on the head philosophizing on
      this topic neoliberal or just globalist Progressive is a term coined to
      make uninformed people feel on top of things what we need to do is take
      back the definition of liberal incoming conversation

    • Are there any black KKK Members ? BLM are being targeted by MSM and GOP and
      and being depicted as this horrible organisation…I am white and a member
      of BLM There are many different color’s and races who are members…I and
      my friends are among the most peaceful people to walk the earth. My brother
      is a cop. He is NYPD… If it wasn’t so controversial, he would be walking
      round with a BLM T-Shirt on… He hates the fact that he as a cop is tarred
      with the same brush as the cops who are ignorant and who kill… BLM are
      not against the Police.. We are against the indoctrination that is
      intrinsic to current police training that black people are a threat and
      should be dealt with as such… This isn’t a question of Black lives matter
      more. Or All Lives matter. Of-course All lives matter, but when you have a
      disproportionate amount of black lives being taken by certain individual
      cops, then people have to come out and highlight the problem…We are just
      exercising our 1st amendment right, just as White supremacists exercise
      their 2nd amendmend right to walk the streets with AR-15’s… I know who i
      feel safer around for sure

    • Name one time the organization has withered sanctioned or approved of the
      violence being perpetrated towards the cops

    • really? how many people have black lives matters lynched? i’ll wait, you
      get back to me when you have the numbers.

  4. So Drudge must be discarded and discredited becacuse he has a rightist
    take, but TYT exemplifies integrity because of their shameless leftist
    bias. … What a joke.

    • +Raizhen010
      Do you have any sources to show what percentages of blacks are ‘wrongly
      convicted’ of murder charges? Or are you just making assumptions?

    • +IdarkphoenixI
      We know around 10,000 people on death row are innocent. We know blacks are
      more likely to be arrested for smoking pot, and various other non violent
      offenses than whites. We know that the wealthy get access to powerful
      lawyers that can get them out of almost any crime, while the poor get stuck
      with a crappy public defender and we know blacks are more likely to be
      economically disadvantaged than whites.

    • +Raizhen010
      You say “we know” like it’s simply a fact but you still haven’t given any
      statistical data to back it up. Not calling you a liar, just asking for
      more than just your word on the issue.

  5. Most of TYT “trolls” are previous fans that now hate your bullshit, 7 more
    cops shot and it’s all on your hands. You make it seem like everyone is out
    to get blacks which isn’t the truth, now innocent cops are getting killed
    because of your race baiting.

    • +Christian Gonzalez No, just a cop unfit for duty, if you look into it the
      cop is not racist, he just reacted poorly.

  6. Our conservative brothers & sisters are losing their minds , they will end
    up like isis if we don’t help them recover.

    • +DROZZLE
      Nothing should stop us from reaching them , they were told by the mostly
      well intentioned messed up talking heads that we are the evil ones , love &
      understanding will win them over

    • If BLM preaches non violence when do all their demonstrations at places
      like San Jose turn violent? Why do they get “muscle” to take people out of
      “black spaces”? Why did that BLM lady in DePaul university put her fist in
      Milo Yiaoppolous’s face and why did they siege the stage? They are a
      violent organization.

  7. Black people and cops seem to be at war with each other, it’s sad.
    Hopefully the violence stops. Black lives matter and cop lives matter and
    all lives matter. These statements don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

    • no SOME black people are. me and my family and friends etc are not at “war”
      with anyone. stop generalizing please

    • I just got off an 8 hour shift heading home to play some uncharted 4 and
      eat dinner with my family, all blacks aren’t at war with cops.

  8. So ironic that this video happens hours after 7 cops get shot by black
    Are TYT really this stupid or do they try extra hard to be the left’s Rush

    • TYT creates all of their content Monday-Friday 3-5pm PT during a live
      stream. There are specific videos from that time that is edited and set
      aside to be uploaded during the weekend.

      Who cares about facts, though? Why not tell us how the media should be
      censored to fit your worldview when something bad happens?

    • I doubt these murderers are watching TYT, considering that TYT strongly
      advocates non-violence.

    • I think you need a real history lesson.. it seems you’re waking up today in
      the world and you see things the way it is and put blame on the
      demographics of that area. It’s logical right? Instead what you fail to
      realize is that culture doesn’t just happen.. it evolves like everything
      else in the world. What would make ones culture into what you see and hate
      today. Take it back 150 years or more and don’t leave out any of the
      details. The area of focus perhaps should be between 1910-1950s.

  9. Says Cenk the loopy race-baiter 3 hours after 7 more cops get ambushed and
    shot in Baton Rouge by militant BLM thugs, 3 dead, 3 seriously injured.
    Straight up nonsensical apologist propaganda.

    • +Toussaints’ Wrath Ohhh…. you were part of the marines? Then we’re
      already probably too far apart on our ideologies. Let’s just leave it at
      that. Take the approach you want

    • +Toussaints’ Wrath I’m glad someone finally asked. The first step is
      building allies. Here’s the thing: what’s lacking right now is unity,
      organiztion and a unified goal. What I’ve been doing is reaching out to
      individuals and groups to see who is down for the common goal of TRUE
      democracy, not this bullshit America is doing. True democracy covers the
      rights of all people. I’m currently putting together a structure that will
      hopefully benefit all people with a special emphasis of the
      disenfranchised. I don’t plan on doing this alone. The more allies that are
      onboard with the initial goal, there’s a continual voting process to refine
      the plan. What needs to happen before anything else is getting the
      prospective leaders of this country out. That’s the part that I’m trying to
      figure out right now. I’m working on it even if you don’t believe I can
      achieve it. But that’s the pressing issue. We don’t actually have to accept
      them. We need someone who actually represents the people. There will be
      challenges to all of this. I don’t even know if it’s going to be possible.
      But I have people who believe in me and that’s enough for me to at least
      try. There’s more but I don’t want to type too much (unless you want to
      hear more)

    • +Andre Griffiths Why is this suddenly becoming about me? i don’t hold any
      office in this country, the burden to something about a major epidemic
      shouldn’t be on me, it should be on the people in power.

  10. The right wing has gone so far right that they are starting to sound like
    White supremacist.

    • +T-Jizzy Productions Sadley i feel as if it will take a while for that to
      unfold and come to past. I am human, you are human, we are all human here.
      Why can’t we stop judging eachother before we even get to know or see an
      action done by our fellow peers. I feel as if some people or willfully
      ignoranrt towards whats going on in the country and the world, others just
      want to watch the world burn.

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