Code Pink Protester Mobbed By Trump Supporters For ‘No Hate’ Banner

Jodie Evans, a member of the activist group “Code Pink,” was holding a peace banner up at the RNC when Trump supporters covered/blocked it with an American flag. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?), John Iadarola (ThinkTank), and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"It’s not a Donald Trump rally without someone getting tossed out, and Tuesday’s vote at the Republican National Convention where Trump received the GOP presidential nomination was no exception.

During a speech by former brain surgeon Ben Carson,Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans attempted to hold up a “No Racism. No Hatred” sign inside Quicken Loans Arena, only to be swarmed by security and Trump supporters.

Trump supporters were quick to jump in, with one older woman seen attempting to rip it from her hands. Others then surrounded her holding up American flags so that the her message, which they apparently found offensive, was not seen by CSPAN’s cameras.

One Trump fan was seen throwing his flag over her face and pulling her head backwards as he attempted to topple her.

Evans was then escorted from the arena by security.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian


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  1. There is no hate that can equal what goes on in the land some call israel.
    Jew finks lie and much much worse. Jew haters are jewish and they hate you
    and your country too.

  2. I disagree with TYT here. If she’s got the right to interrupt a convention
    to get TV time, they’ve got the right to block her from the cameras with
    whatever they’ve got handy. Cenk himself has said that civil disobedience
    is okay when people interrupt a speaker, but don’t expect them to allow you
    to do it for very long. — One analogy on the flip-side comes to mind: You
    know when the Westboro Baptist Church pickets a funeral and people dress up
    as angels with huge wings to block the people at the funeral from seeing
    it? TYT applauds the counter-protestors for doing that. This is just the
    same thing in reverse. If she’s got the right to hold up a sign and chant,
    they’ve got the right to hold a flag in front of her and chant back. — As
    long as there was no violence, this is a perfectly fine exchange of ideas.

    • Counter-protesting does not involve assault. They were putting their hands
      on her. Thats illegal.

    • +Adam LeBlanc, I agree they shouldn’t put their hands on someone, but she
      wasn’t hurt. We shouldn’t call things “assault” if an incident like this
      results in someone touching someone on the arm. If you want to split hairs
      and get crazy about this, anyone who touched her is guilty of assault, and
      she’s guilty of assault for anyone she touched. Both happened. As a matter
      of fact, I’d wager that she touched more people first, so if that’s your
      definition of assault, and everyone involved wanted to press charges, a few
      of these Republicans would get ONE assault charge, and she’d get several.

    • +Lightbringer also I just like to watch the world just burn while I sit in
      my chair and drink from my glass.

    • +Lightbringer in the recrnt months they got a little clickbaity with their

  3. I listen to this stuff for like 30 seconds and I want to kill the TYT
    reporters, am I normals?

  4. Is there any doubt that conservatives are fundamentally anti-American?

  5. Reminds me of that old photo of the white racist trying to stab the black
    civil rights protestor with the American flag on the flagpole. Everything
    old is new again. SIGH!

    • unfortunately America doesn’t learn from it’s past mistakes. So we are
      bound to stay in samsara.

  6. Can’t wait to see what happens when a ‘right winger’ holds up a ABORTION
    KILLS BABIES sign at the DNC rally.

    • +dung tran You’re not far from stupid. You’re right on top of it. Freedom
      of speech includes racist speech, and it includes criticizing said speech
      or even telling someone to “shut up”. That is ALL freedom of speech.

      It is sad to think that you are a college graduate and don’t know that.
      Wait…let me guess, Grand Canyon University or some other unaccredited
      “Christian” school?

    • +Patrick Martz ok, let’s see if you can answer directly. Should the
      wetbacks of San Jose face the justice system for the crimes they’ve been
      accused of? Assault being the most common one.

  7. So what happens when someone gets kicked out of the DNC for a huge

  8. It’s called “disruption” you idiots. If you go into a private event and
    start screaming and holding signs they don’t like, you can be removed.
    Protest outside, because free speech doesn’t give you a right to trespass.
    It’s also counterproductive to use your speech to stop people you disagree
    with from peacefully assembling and speaking at the RNC. Go outside, you
    don’t want them at the DNC holding Hillary for Prison signs, do you?

    • Of course you can be removed, but that doesn’t mean you deserve to be
      assaulted! Like they said, let the security guys come and escort the
      protesters out, don’t take it upon yourself to yell over them (causing a
      bigger disruption) or putting your hands on them in anyway.

    • +StonedHuntress
      Scroll up and read the entire conversation before you comment. I’m done
      repeating myself.

  9. No racism no hate? I agree with that

    TYT never made a video when BLM were chanting “what do we want?, dead cops,
    when do we want it ? Now”

    How utterly convenient.

  10. If Code Pink is against war, why are they protesting Trump? Hillary is the

    • +Atheist Jewish Messiah … Does that mean that they want white people to
      not die? Are you trying to spin that as a bad thing?

    • Atheist Jewish Messiah Both political parties are controlled by (aka
      financed by) ISRAEL. Trump, being somewhat of a political outsider, is
      SLIGHTLY less controlled.

    • +Alex Amerling Look through the TYT videos and show me one instance when
      they say its okay for blacks to be violent.

    • +Ashcool Don’t eve bother with this idiot. We know they can’t accept facts
      and love to make bullshit up

    • +Silver Spectre there’s no use trying to argue with him. Ignorant trolls
      like this are immune to hypocrisy.

  11. This was a private event and these people weren’t suppose to be there. It’s
    simple. They weren’t just holding banners, they were shouting in an attempt
    to disrupt the event. Also, they weren’t mobbed by Trump supporters, they
    were nonviolently removed from the event. You want to see people getting
    mobbed? Watch videos of San Jose where anti-Trump protesters/Bernie
    supporters mobbed Trump supporters and beat them bloody, stole and
    destroyed their Trump gear, and vandalized their vehicles. Congratulations
    for being the Fox News for regressives.

    “The Republican National Convention is not open to the public. Political
    conventions are for delegates from each state and U.S. territories.” That’s
    from the official RNC website.

    • +Jeffrey Cohen probably not, only regressives are pussies who threaten to
      leave the country if the candidate they support loses the election.

    • She had the credentials to get in and theres multiple videos she didnt yell
      but we all know you love racism and hate

    • +Yan Toha yes she did. Even Cenk, the Armenian genocide denier, agrees that
      her sign implies that the RNC supports racism and hate. That’s why she’s a
      trouble maker.

    • That statement is completely un-American. You are saying that violence
      towards PEACEFUL POLITICAL PROTESTS is her fault. You must hate America in
      addition to women.

  12. *Video uploaded 2 minutes ago, is 10 minutes long,..has 20 likes.*
    *TYT-hired bots are putting in work :-)*

    • +blist it’s different because people that like TYT will most likely enjoy
      the video enough to like it anyways and if not, they can always change it.
      Not the case with the people who dislike the video immediately, they have
      nothing better to do then stalk TYT for new videos just so they can dislike
      them immediately, it doesn’t matter what the subject is.

  13. The dislikers are here early. Please consider giving TYT a like to combat
    the ones that just dislike without watching!! :)

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