Cenk Uygur Interviews Abhay Patel From 2016 RNC

Cenk Uygur interviews Abhay Patel a Republican running for Senate in Louisiana. Cenk asks Abhay about the race.


  1. What rock has he been under that he hasn’t heard Trump say he didn’t want
    immigrants in this country? Really?

  2. Shalom, goyim! I think more diversity is needed at TYT. Here are the
    founders of TYT: Ben Mankiewicz – Jew. Dave Koller – Jew. Cenk Uygur –
    Muslim/shabbos goy. Mazel tov!

    • Dave Rubin (former TYT host) – Jew
      Sam Seder (associate) – Jew

      But don’t forget Jimmy Dore, the rabble rousing loud mouthed drunken Mick
      and Jayar Jerome Julius Junebug Jackson – Afro-American

  3. coming from an Indian who is moderate, seing all these Indians like jindal,
    Nikki Haley, and Patel here being suckups to conservatives and the
    Republican party, it’s quite sad, just so they can make as many moves to
    make them as white as possible, jindal and haley in particular try to
    eradicate the fact they are brown, they want to be white so bad, why can’t
    they just be fine being Indian, not saying their is anything wrong with
    being white, it’s just you should be what you are borm as, all though I’m
    not the most cultured person, I’m not like these fools trying to erase any
    and all trace of a ancestory

    • I still find Jindal’s “tanned and rested” thing hilarious and wildly

    • +Dante Thorne it was, that sealed the coffin on his joke of a political

    • It might be if you count as oldest continuous democracy that is still
      around … i think.

  4. damn… I wish that interview were longer.. this conversation is exactly
    the conversation that needs to be laid out in detail for everyone in the
    country to see. progressives will win on nearly all social issues, but the
    country could use more nuance in what would be best fiscally for the
    country. I agree with Patel that supporting small business will help
    economy thrive, but then he merged right into saying that supporting big
    corporations will do the same. small business owners are nothing like big
    corporations and should never be compared. my parents own a small business
    too.. they have no money sitting in accounts overseas, they aren’t sending
    jobs overseas, they aren’t getting huge corporate welfare subsidies, nor
    are they strategically donating millions of dollars to politicians.

    • I agree with you. Investing in small businesses is the best way to help our

  5. Damn crooked bastards Louisiana United Snakes of America. They’re still
    Trafficking Children for drugs and sex. Unregistered Sex Offenders Deputies
    getting away with murder.

  6. This Patella guy is trying to sweeten up Trump when he’ll be one of the
    first on the boat back to India

  7. This patel guy is bobby jindal jr. Delusional traitor…KILL EM NOW
    CENK!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

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