Body Cam Video Of Police Murdering UNARMED Dylan Noble

WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE. Two Fresno police body cam videos of the shooting of unarmed 19-year-old Dylan Noble have been released. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks breaks down the videos. Do you think these new videos will have an impact on the case? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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"Dylan Noble died in June after police shot him four times, twice as he approached officers, twice while he was on the ground, still moving.

His family thinks Fresno police didn't need to use deadly force.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said there are questions that body camera recordings, released Wednesday, answer and some they don't.

Was deadly force, in particular the final two shots — taken by two different officers — necessary?"*

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    • When he was on the ground, he repeatedly reached into his pants. He could
      be reaching for a gun, detonator, or who-knows-what. Dude, the guy wanted
      to die

    • +WFXW
      And instead of apprehending him when he was clearly disabled, they shot
      him. At best lazy, at worst intentional homicide.

    • Hypothetically, what if we found out he had a detonator in his pocket?
      Would that change your view of the situation?

  1. it’s more than obvious to me that this is suicide by cops. the kid wanted
    to die and the police gave him an opportunity to comply.

    • suicide by cops shouldn’t exist. why is that even a common thing in modern
      society?? cops are so trigger happy that you can trick one into killing
      you?? they don’t have any other abilities other than murdering someone??

      barbaric IMO & anyone that uses the phrase “suicide by cop” like its blasé
      is an idiotic regressive IMO

    • i hope one day you get shot for nothing and taste that pain.iam %100 sure
      it makes you guys think more logical.

    • +Baris Same in Finland, here it’s a huge news if a police officer pulls a
      gun out. There’s been only one shooting in past 20 years where a cop was
      injured in a shooting, but she’s completelt fine now, and still working in
      Finnish police forces. And I don’t remember that Finnish police would have
      shot someone to death EVER. USA’s police forces could really learn from
      European police forces..

    • +Bavaba Bukama oh sorry, the finnish police force has killed one guy who
      attacked a Finnish school and killed a few students.

    • +Bavaba Bukama
      How large is the black population in Finland? Pretty much zero right?
      There ya go.

  2. I’m black. This STILL isn’t okay. He was shot while down and they didn’t
    arrest him. Black people do not just think of our own. Police need new
    training and they need to not be scared to take risk.

    • +Lightning Lad93 ok mr.angry pants lmaooo i said that because if you were
      black i wouldnt expect you to be blind to the situation, yeah cops killing
      people is bad but its not equally bad as what black people go through
      because i unarmed black man is 5 times more likely to be shot vs any other
      race and we are more likely to be frisked and used force upon, i just say
      saying you cant act like it doesnt effect a race more than others, i do
      appreciate you going on your rant though call me dumb but your name and
      profile picture do no justice to prove me wrong

    • +Orochimaru How does me having Static Shock as my profile picture and my
      name make it seem like I’m not black? Anyway sorry for calling you dumb
      because your not you just don’t know what I look like. I’ve had other
      people think I’m not black and say the same thing and then I go off on
      them. Sorry about that

  3. It’s time for all whites in America to get up and join BLM. Police
    brutality must be brought to heel.

    • +Panzerführer Chavez Well the common bond is outrage for the police killing
      of civilians. There are protest all over the country organized by random
      ppl because everyone is outraged.

    • How about no. How about we stand up against Obama and his utter disregard
      of our rights as a nation and stop making this about race. The government
      is to blame. They’re militarizing our police force.

  4. I am so disappointed in the young Turks this was so obvious that it was
    suicide by cop.

  5. I love how white peoples tone changes towards police brutality when the
    victim is white. That goes to show you that white people only care about
    police brutality when it affects other white people,they dont give a a damn
    when it affects people of color. And FYI it was #BlackLivesMatter that
    brought this story to light and media attention. Thats just a fun little
    fact. #FuckAllLivesMatter

    • +John life is good hahahahah Not when black people are committing over 50%
      of all violent crime.

    • +True Shakur White media? You mean the white liberal media that pushes the
      bullshit BLM propaganda, IE 90% of all news? That media? The information I
      have is from factual statistical evidence, not from any news piece you
      clown. The department of justice does bo-yearly studies on crimes with many
      varying statistics, maybe you should read it for once.

    • +J-Me I’m black. So I can walk outside thinking it’s a normal day and
      enjoying myself and then all of a sudden I’m dead for no reason. I am a

    • +Carmen Cook
      I can’t pretend like I know what it’s like to be black. My only advice is
      to assess the risk factors of your personal situation and do what it takes
      to stay safe. I hope we see a changes that result in a less militaristic
      police force.

  6. Title misleading, they had no idea he was unarmed the first two shots were
    justified, the second two although shouldn’t have happened the police
    officers were technically just protecting themselves. I don’t agree with
    their choices but they did not have evil intent like most police shootings.

  7. cops did absolutely nothing wrong on this one. Dylan Noble killed himself
    via suicide by cop.

    • +Eric Dufrane Are you from the US?

      Look I have problems with some cop shootings. I am defending these cops on
      the merits of this case.

      Akai Gurly shooting I had a problem with as if i remember correctly he was
      shot by accident/incompetency

      Philando Castille was shot after following cop instructions exactly

      Walter Scott was shot while running away, and later the cop planted a gun
      on him

      Tamir Rice had a bb gun, but was shot without warning nor a chance to
      surrender. Cops should have at least ordered him to get on the ground and
      give him the chance to surrender.

      Noble is very different.
      1. Noble refused to get on the ground and surrender despite being ordered
      to do so.

      2. Noble chose to keep his right arm behind his back at waist level. A
      common place to keep/holster a gun is the back of your waist.

      3. Noble was ordered to put his hands in the arm and display that he had no
      arms and also to make him pulling a gun impossible. Noble refused to do so
      and insisted on keeping his right arm at waist level behind his back.

      4. Noble moved forward after being warned moving forward would result in
      him being shot.

      Cops took plenty of chances with Noble. Not taking any chance would be
      Tamir Rice and shooting him on sight.

      Noble was given multiple chances to surrender he chose to escalate by
      moving forward.

      Cops cannot read minds, Noble behaved in a manner that indicated he was
      armed. Noble brought this result on himself. BLM could legitimately use
      Noble to contrast all the chances he was given that someone like Tamir rice
      was never given.

    • +EasySnake like I said dude I agree with the first two shots so you don’t
      have to defend that. I’m taking about when he was on the ground. That’s all
      I’m talking about. You’re absolutely right about everything else you said
      in my opinion

  8. I have to disagree. The cop said if you reach towards your pockets again
    I’m going to shoot you. He reached for his pockets what do you expect

    • +Stan Yiu Yeah I see what you’re saying but I dont think either of us have
      been shot 4 times so we dont really know what its like

    • +saw09200 exactly, if you get punched in the stomach your going to
      grab/protect the effected area, let alone getting shot… The first shot
      was kinda necessary, but the next three…

    • +Wayne Johnston The cops were looking for someone who was reportedly armed.
      This was not the man but at the time there was a threat that he could have
      had a gun on him

    • +Nick Habre they could’ve used taser to knock him down. They saw no weapon
      on him at all so why shoot a teenager? Because he was scared for his life?
      If he really was then anybody he see walking with hands in their pockets
      must be really terrifying

  9. Does it always have to be a fatal shot? Why not the leg? Come on.

    • Because this is real life, not the movies. When the adrenaline is pumping a
      shot to the limb will not stop someone from using a weapon, a shot to the
      heart will. Police are trained to neutralize threats and that will never
      change. The thing that should have been done differently was the use of

    • I hope you know theirs a major artery in your leg. Shooting someone in the
      leg can make them bleed out and die. They just need better training

  10. Suicide by cop TYT. SUICIDE BY COPS! He was pretending to be reaching for a
    gun even tho he didn’t had any!

    It sucks I know but you can’t take any chances.

    • +poo shoveler have you shot a gun? You can very effectively get a gun out
      of behind your back and shoot before the officers are able to react to it.

    • They are absolutely news reporters it’s just not a 24-hour News Network!
      It’s a simple concept guys.. They don’t take money from major corporations
      therefore they can’t run 24 hours a day because they don’t have billions of
      dollars. That’s what makes the channel great is the fact that nobody owns
      them and nobody can tell them what to do as reporters

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