18 condolences

  1. i bet lolita is waiting at the top of the rainbow bridge for her owner and
    her brothers and sisters to come i wish her owner the best of days till she
    see’s her again at the top of the rainbow bridge one day. 🙂

  2. Hi i own a female yorkie Roxxy she looks just like Lolita this video made
    me cry.. i cant imagine my life with out her she is my shadow i never
    thought i can love a dog as much as love my roxxy,,, my condolences to you
    and your family Lolita was beautiful!

  3. I know how you feel now. My beloved yorkie, Gator, passed away a few weeks
    ago. He was the cutest thing you would ever see. Each day when you’d come
    home, he would run up to you with his pink tongue hanging from his mouth.
    Oh how I miss those days. ;n; Rest In Peace, Lolita + Gator <333

  4. I know exactly how must have felt… Our beloved little yorkie girl left us
    a week ago. Despite the fact that letting her go was the best we could do
    for her for over 16 years of love and happiness, it still hurts and
    probably will hurt in the near future, until i get over it and tears will
    not go into my eyes each time i think about her. I am thinking of making a
    similar video for her too, cause I just feel she deserves it for all those
    years of love and happiness she brought us…

  5. Those are fucked up looking rats. It looked miserable all dressed up in
    weird clothes. Poor thing never got to be a dog. It got to be a doll. It’s
    in a far better place. Awful video.

  6. I am gonna cry this is really sad poor Lolita I have a Yorkie also I just
    wish he has a great life like your Lolita did and she is happy up there she
    will be waiting until somebody comes and loves her Rest In Peace (RIP) 

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