4-Person Race? Gary Johnson Catching Trump In Key Demographics

Gary Johnson is surging in the polls for a third party candidate. He could end up changing the entire dynamic of the race. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?), John Iadarola (ThinkTank), and Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"In a three-way race among Clinton, Trump, and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, the former secretary of state garners 34 percent support, compared to 17 percent for Trump and 15 percent for Johnson. When the respondent pool is narrowed to likely millennial voters, Clinton’s lead over Trump increases to 45 percent to 23 percent, with 13 percent saying they would vote for Johnson.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Michael Shure
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Michael Shure


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  1. Jill Stein 2016! Johnson supports social-darwinist (survival of the
    financially fittest) economics.

    • +SublimeSati
      I’ll ask for a third time. Do you agree with those Murray Rothbard quotes?
      Yes or no?

      So people who went to college and can’t get high-paying jobs because free
      market plutocrats shipped jobs overseas are at fault? Do you not talk to
      every day people? Do you really believe the right-wing propagandist who say
      the majority of Americans are lazy welfare queens who don’t want to succeed
      in life?

      “Some people are born with advantages.”

      Exactly. Free market is about having a rigged system that works best for
      those who could afford a college education or had wealthy parents. It’s not
      even survival of the fittest. It’s survival of the most privileged.

    • +Reich-Wing Watch I grew up in a very poor city. I’d say 98% of the people
      on my street were on welfare. San Bernardino is the second or third city in
      California to file for bankruptcy. My mom was on welfare for 12 years. She
      also had a drug problem and wasn’t much of a self starter.

      I’d say more than half of people on welfare are lazy and/or addicted to
      drugs. There was a girl in my apartments growing up that had 8 kids. All of
      them were taken by CPS. We used to joke about her mom knocking on someones
      door to ask for break, the neighbors door for mayonnaise and the person
      next to them for bologna… and by the time she got home she had a sandwich.

      Poor people for the most part are lazy. It’s human nature. Work sucks. Rich
      people work hard so that they can be lazy later in life. Poor people hustle
      the system so they can be lazy all the time.

      That’s the real world brother. Welfare isn’t used for it’s intended purpose
      anymore. It’s been corrupted and it’s looked at as a right.I’m poor
      therefor I deserve money from the government. Trust and believe I grew up
      around this mentality.

    • +Reich-Wing Watch *bread not break. For some reason my screen wont let me
      scroll all the way to the right and click edit.

    • I disagree with both of you (Reich completely, Sublime somewhat), and
      neither is really representing Gary Johnson’s views.

      First @Reich-Wing Watch, you have not even raised any positions that
      Johnson has taken to which you object. Bringing up the Rothbard quotes
      shows that you are confusing the Libertarian Nominee with libertarian
      philosophy. Johnson’s views are not exactly in line with all small “l:
      libertarianism. And to try to raise rothbard as an argument against Johnson
      is a strawman.

      In fact Gary would agree with you that the system is crooked, littered with
      crony capitalism that Donald Trump has been quick to exploit.

      As far as the Rothbard Quotes, I will say I generally agree with them and
      will try to simplify their meanings.

      – In general, private property is better maintained than public land. And
      free enterprise has. demonstrably through out the world, proven to be the
      best driver of economic growth and development.

      – “Tyranny of the Majority” Meaning that sometimes the majority of a people
      (or their representatives) can agree on can agree and implement some ideas
      that can be oppressive to a minority. In general, individual freedom is
      better than government control, even that of a representative democracy.

      – Do you eat meat? How about, do you shop at a store/restaurant (any)
      meanwhile they have a competitor that you do not shop/eat at? Should the
      best ideas for innovation be promoted, or should every possible idea be
      given the same attention? This is a metaphor… it does not mean you let
      your fellow man die.

      – Yes, individual freedom should generally trump the privileges of
      designated groups.

      – For sure! Look at Congress right now! It’s all “majority decisions”, but
      there is not accountability! The clowns on both sides of the isle that are
      the ones manipulating the game against all of us non-politically connected
      should be held accountable for the crap they’ve done!

      Oh, and Gary Johnson is paying for the lawsuit (if you are on enough
      ballots to win the presidency, you should be in the debates) that he
      allowed Jill Stein to hop on board.

  2. If you guys talked about Jill Stein & Gary Johnson more that would help
    them out.

    • Libertarian ideologies are what lead the country for most of the 19th
      century – the century that created the American Dream (Libertarians are
      just Americanized Whigs). Modern Republicans and Democrats destroyed the
      dream; it’s time for Libertarians to bring it back.

  3. My friends, there is a reason Bernie’s former supporters going third party
    are clamoring to Jill and not Johnson. They are miles away on policy.
    Jill’s domestic platform practically mirrors Bernie’s, while Johnson’s on
    the other hand is an insult to the very idea of economic progressivism. I
    understand you seek “practicality based on polls.”

    But the vote of practicality, otherwise known as lesser evilism, is the
    argument many are already using to justify neoliberal war mongers like
    Hillary. At some point, we have to acknowledged the options given are so
    repulsive that we deserve a platform speaking to our solutions, not
    ignoring them.

    More to the point, Bernie started this race polling at 2%, a long shot by
    any metric imaginable. And yet it the democratic primary’s regulation was
    that of a representative democracy, he would have already won. The
    democratic primary is designed to eliminate progressives. How can we expect
    a revolutionary platform to survive a counter-revolutionary party?

    Come on Berners. Like brother Cornel West, one of Bernie’s most vocal
    supporters, has said, “There is only female progressive in this race and
    her name is Jill Stein.”

    • +Storm Bey The founding fathers were products of their time true. But they
      were also incredibly intelligent men. Perhaps the most intelligent American
      men ever to exist, few people can claim to have founded from scratch, the
      most powerful country on earth. I’m not even American btw, just pointing
      out that we all stand on the shoulders of giants.

    • +LouisKing995 this is weird, this is founding father worship. there really
      isn’t anything to suggest that the FF were the most intelligent Americans.
      America wasn’t founded from scratch. the people and population living in
      America lived there for almost 100s of years, and many of the American
      constitution were derivative of enlightenment and English ideas.

  4. I appreciate your coverage. I’m a libertarian and disagree with you guys on
    a few things but your opinions are real and you guys are not corperate

    • Ever heard of Calvin Coolidge? cause he went down that libertarian path and
      it lead to great depression.

    • +Jonathan Vasquez
      Coolidge didn’t cause that. WWI had a huge impact on it, and inflation was
      another huge factor. Warren Harding did a lot to end that depression, and
      it was largely due to cutting spending, a classic Austrian economics
      response to such a problem.

    • +Jonathan Vasquez while Coolidge supported little regulation of business,
      the federal government was in many situations connected companies in
      contracts and trading. Under the libertarian goal of society, the
      government would not be involved in the economy at all. Which means they
      don’t make trades or contracts with private companies creating favouritism
      and pushing market power towards specific companies or industries.

  5. No.The fact that people support Johnson after supporting Sanders shows that
    they really just don’t care or aren’t opinionated in economics and related

    • I agree, but I also understand that Sanders brought in a bunch of
      independents…not just people that agree with his economic policy…and
      now that he’s most likely done they want another option besides Clinton.
      Obviously not trump(although some lean that way)…they have two other
      options Stein and Johnson…Johnson is polling better so they go that way.
      Bandwagon effect. I don’t like it, but I do understand.(to a certain extent)

    • +Dude McDude I never said that I didn’t understand. I said that it was
      disappointing. It means that the only thing they liked about Sanders was
      that he was “anti-establishment.”

    • And I retract my previous statement that I agree…Clinton will be just as
      bad as Johnson…if only because of support from congress. But basically
      both terrible.

    • +Dude McDude Eh, I’ll take a corporatist liberal who supports interest rate
      caps and progressive taxation over a libertarian who wants to gut all over
      our social programs any day of the week. Clinton is not ideal, but she is
      basically the only option for people who are not economically-secure enough
      for a haphazard “protest vote.”

    • Social and foreign policies are pretty much the same so it’s not that big
      of a leap

  6. If this country had any sense, it would make Gary Johnson the president. He
    would DEFINITELY make things right again. He was an excellent governor of
    New Mexico. If people truly wanted a change, they’d break away from the
    mess between Hillary and con man Trump.

    • +SpadaccinoLuciano

      I don’t care what is generally said. Google the definition of fail and look
      at the sample sentence of the first example.

      Sanders failed to secure the nomination.

      Wipe the superdelegates off the table and the Democratic nomination could
      have been a different story. (At least the theft would have been a lot more

    • As i’ve heard, “if you wana fix the mexican border crossing issue, get a
      texan or an other mexican.”.


    • +SpadaccinoLuciano why do you say he prays to Wall Street? Part of the
      reason why Wall Street has so much power is regulation of companies being
      able to trade on a federally controlled market. Due to federal favortism
      and regulation in the economy you see specific industries growing faster
      than others, certain companies being able to obtain more market power
      through government contracts, specific companies being able to make deals
      worldwide because of the federal government. In a true libertarian economy,
      all of that goes away. Because in “libertarian economics” aka free market
      capitalism there is no regulation, no favouritism, no taxation, no
      subsidies and no safeguard of the economy. Now Johnson hasn’t gone so far
      to propose this, because he’s a realistic candidate and knows this would
      never ever ever pass in congress, but this is the libertarian goal for the

  7. If you are a Gary Johnson supporter you WANT Stein on that debate stage. If
    she’s not there to split the vote the media will absolutely bury Johnson as
    another Nader and set the third/fourth party movement back.

    • +john v Listen, Gary Johnson is not at all trying to snuff out Jill Stein.
      He is actually working together with Stein on a lawsuit to get both
      candidates included in the debates despite what they may be polling at
      since they both are on enough ballots to have a mathematical chance of
      winning 270 electoral votes. Now of course Gary Johnson is trying to get
      elected, which means he must win against Jill Stein. So naturally he wants
      to point out that he will be on the ballot in all 50 states. It’s simply a
      marketing tactic and there is nothing underhanded about it. Gary Johnson is
      on the ballot in Illinois.

      “On Monday June 27th, the Libertarian Party of Illinois turned in 53,000
      signatures on 4,500 pages. More than twice the required amount for third
      parties and more than 10 times what is required of a Republican or Democrat
      in Illinois. As of Tuesday, July 5th, the window for issuing a challenge
      has officially closed meaning we are on the ballot this November!”


    • +Trent Richards
      yes he tries to snuff her out, my bad for the false fact, i looked at it
      quickly so i got the details wrong, it’s just that gary johnson is not a
      libertarian party candidate in ohio, only an independent one, i don’t know
      if it means write in or not, i must have misthought that one sorry

    • Well you first mention Illinois, not Ohio. In Ohio the Republican party has
      been throwing road blocks at the Libertarian party since the elections in
      2014. So the Ohio Libertarian Party, to ensure that Gary Johnson would be
      on the ballot, opted to get the 5000 signatures to get him on the ballot
      without party affiliation while they continue to work on the 35,000
      signatures needed to get him on the ballot as a Libertarian. He is on the
      ballot though and not as a write-in.

      As for him trying to snuff out Stein… seriously man they are running a
      presidential race against each other. He isn’t saying anything dishonest
      and again they included the Green party in the lawsuit that was filed to
      get them both in the debates. The Libertarians are paying for the lawsuit,
      but they are keeping the Green party in it. I don’t know how much more
      cooperative you could ask them to be.

  8. How is Jill so low? Theres so many sanders supporters that say they will be
    voting for her.

  9. when I first read the title I though that there was somebody who was
    classified by 4 races

  10. Gary Johnson really is doing well. he is two points away from being added
    to the debates if he get’s added he might have a fair chance.

    • So you get your news from a university? Interesting… you seem to have a
      method of news gathering similar to your candidate. I am sure you will want
      to take that as a compliment. Don’t.

    • +Trent Richards Quinipiac is a widely accepted poll. I’m not even such a
      huge believer in polls but thats what they say. Who knows?, What you can
      also refer to is simply vote counts during the primaries. Look for
      yourself. Trump wins in democrat states even with 3 people in the race. I
      raised the issue that Johnson and Hillary are both pro-TPP and have no plan
      for national debt. Thats the nail in the coffin. If you support either of
      those candidates you’re supporting anti-American policies. I’ll let you
      choose what side you’re on, Americans or Foreign Governments… can’t be
      both buddy.

    • +Matthew Jacobsen you are talking about vote counts in the primaries of the
      two major parties. Those aren’t what win elections. Independents make up
      42% of American voters. We decide who wins elections, not Dems and Reps.

    • +Trent Richards i love how you phrase “we decide elections”… as if you’re
      the authority. I’m an independent myself, only i don’t put myself on a
      pedestal like you. I simply understand the issues far better than you. The
      term “low information voter” is based off people like you . I am going for
      republicans because Trump is really more of an independent candidate. You
      can’t even discuss the issues, you stick to nonsense because that’s all you
      have. Clearly you are pro-TPP, you clearly dont understand the national
      debt, and just by those two issues alone you prove you’re not qualified to
      even discuss this election. You need to do some homework and come back more

  11. Jill would only split the democratic vote, while Johnson would split both
    the Dem and GOP vote. I’d rather have Jill, but Johnson has a real
    opportunity to shake the two party system. He’s a little to the right of
    me, but JOHNSON 2016.

    • +Matt Mackie I don’t think you understand. For a candidate to have a chance
      to win, they need to have more votes than the competing parties. Jill needs
      more than just bernie supporters to win the general.

    • +Porcum Means Pig Actually, the EPA is a lot more useless than you think. I
      can agree that the EPA has its place, but currently it receives way more
      funding than it needs.

    • John Smith has been polluting the comment section with the “Johnson is for
      the TPP.” What John Smith fails to understand is that the TPP accomplishes
      three important roles that are beneficial to the US. First, the TPP
      significantly increases the amount of markets the US has access to,
      furthering the creation of American jobs. Second, the TPP promotes peace
      among participating countries as countries who trade have a lower
      likelihood of going to war with each other. Three, the TPP increases the
      economic influence of the US in the World, resulting in more countries
      being aligned with the US politically.

    • +DAK4Blizzard I don’t know what he is saying either. ButJill Stein is the
      only reasonable candidate in the race. Everything else is a wasted vote.

    • How do I participate in the polls!?? Jill needs to poll higher if she’s
      going to be in the debates

    • +ratatatuff Gary Johnson is completely reasonable and also holds the card
      of being the only qualified candidate in the race as the only one with any
      actual executive government experience. Johnson/Weld 2016!

    • Johnson supports Nafta AND wants to get rid of corporate income taxes.
      Unacceptable, and worse than Trump in policy. Anyone who supports Bernie
      Sanders should also support Jill Stein. #JillnotHill

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