25 Celebrities Who Tragically Died Young [HD]

25 Celebrities Who Tragically Died Young [HD]

In honor of those fallen idols, join us in remembering them and other stars who died too soon, some at the height of their careers.

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● #25 : Tupac Amaru Shakur 0:21

● #24 : Cory Allan Michael Monteith 0:50

● #23 : Elvis Aaron Presley 1:21

● #22 : Matthew McGrory 1:49

● #21 : Buddy Holly 2:19

● #20 : James Charles "Jimmie" Rodgers 2:43

● #19 : Sage Stallone 3:04

● #18 : Jayne Mansfield 3:35

● #17 : Brad Barron Renfro 4:10

● #16 : Amy Jade Winehouse 4:33

● #15 : James Douglas "Jim" Morrison 5:00

● #14 : John Garfield 5:25

● #13 : Brittany Murphy 5:52

● #12 : Jean Harlow 6:28

● #11 : River Jude Phoenix 6:51

● #10 : Lana Jean Clarkson 7:26

● #09 : James Byron Dean 7:47

● #08 : John Lennon 8:18

● #07 : Anna Nicole Smith 8:52

● #06 : Stephen Robert "Steve" Irwin 9:14

● #05 : Marilyn Monroe 9:37

● #04 : Brandon Bruce Lee 10:00

● #03 : Bruce Lee 10:31

● #02 : Paul Walker 10:58

● #01 : Heath Andrew Ledger 11:35

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44 condolences

  1. bruce Lee and branden Lee thank you for jeet kune do and wing chun that we
    can defend or self to protect or friends and familie and thank you for
    world wijde to give that we are al People for learn Every fighting move
    that People like and Love to do

  2. I only truly miss Paul Walker… I’ve been a fan of him since I saw 2 Fast
    2 Furious in 2006… I was only 4, but he’s the MAIN reason why I like
    cars, I have cars all over in my room… not to play with, just to
    collect… One day when I’m older, I hope that I can pursue my dream and
    become a NASCAR driver… that’d be the best thing that’s ever happened to
    me… then I would help out on his charity organization, Reach Out
    Worldwide (ROWW)… idk, but.. something in him, made me be fascinated with

  3. You forgot Caleb Logan he died of a rare heart disease(short version-he
    died of heart failure)he was a YouTube star in a FAMLIY group called
    Bratealy he was known as the silly one in the FAMLIY he was always called
    the kind sweet and warm hearted person he would always smile to the camera
    he has (perants who I don’t know there names yet sorry) siblings
    named:Annie and Hayley he died at the age of 13 years old October 1 too
    weeks before he’s birthday

  4. Did anyone forget about Selena Quintanilla-Perez who died at the age of 23
    by getting shot in a hotel room which led to her murder by someone she
    thought of as a ‘friend’…

  5. +Top List You forgot R&B singer Aaliyah she died in a plane crash

  6. don’t mix actors/actresses from long ago with recent ones. have no idea who
    most of these people were

  7. who ever edited this is pure idiotic .. I couldn’t see half of the words…
    the pictures were blurry…Omg

  8. We are all going to die one day, just at different times. Hope you don’t
    look like many of the these deceased celebs, it’s a depressing way of

    1. Because it had to happen, to start off the project He had in mind. So that
      we would be selected among the few, through the testing of temptation in a
      life of free will.

    2. +Jasmin Flowerz We had free will without limitations. There would be no sin
      without rules. Everyone is safe.

  9. Honoable mentions go to ryan dunn, kurt cobain, jimmy hendrix, janis
    joplin, biggie, alyiah and, liza left eye lopes.

  10. Let us know the name of other celebrities who were not mentioned in this
    video. We will make Part-2 video with them.

    Note*- Sorry for the text color & Logo arrangement in the video, now we are
    using voice over in our upcoming video’s.

    1. DJ Jam Master Jay, Minnie Ripperton, Phyllis Hyman, Florence Ballard, Sam
      Cooke, Otis Redding, Bob Marley, Bon Scott, John Holmes, Freddie Mercury,
      Big Pun, Darren Human Beatbox Robinson, KISS drummer Eric Carr, Keith Moon,
      and John Belushi

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