2016 Republican Party Platform = More Theocracy, Less Democracy

More details are coming out about the Republican Party platform, the leaks appear to show the GOP is officially moving even further to the right. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola (ThinkTank), hosts of The Young Turks, break the latest details on the Republican party platform. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"The Republican Party, as it prepares for its convention next week has checked off item No. 1 on its housekeeping list — drafting a party platform. The document reflects the conservative views of its authors, many of whom are party activists. So don't look for any concessions to changing views among the broader public on key social issues.

Four years ago, the platform called state court decisions legalizing same-sex marriage "an assault on the foundations of our society." Since then, the Supreme Court backed the right of same-sex couples to wed. But in two days of deliberations this week, platform committee members rejected all attempts to sound a more moderate tone on the matter.

"A man and a woman family is the best, ideal vehicle for raising children," according to James Bopp, a GOP delegate from Indiana, and a prominent conservative attorney."*

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    • +utube user planned parenthood doesn’t even do mammograms. If you think
      people with a conscience can’t be doctors or get insurance then you are a

    • +Jean-Paul Sartre wow, just wow. No wonder democrats don’t care about black
      lives. I didn’t think you were that racist. it seems to me that anyone who
      doesn’t care about the welfare of their fellow man should be the first to
      volunteer to be severely late term aborted.

  1. “Parents should be free to make medical decisions about their children w/o
    interference.” Does that mean you’re ok with teen abortions? Teens could
    get abortions, and if anyone interferes with the parents decision (and
    hopefully the daughter’s as well), no meddling government official could

    • Deal with your own country. There are numerous countries having their own
      problems. It’s in the news every day.

  2. I’m a proud Christian and I’m so happy to worship freely and it makes me so
    angry when the lines of separation of church and state are blurred. That
    amendment protects all faiths, or even the lack of faith to continue

    • +laura savage your in denial of biblical reality,because you dont follow
      jesus of the bible,you follow a personal interpretation of the jesus YOU
      like,he said obey the law,the law is very clear on killing people,gays,non
      christians,bad kids etc

    • +The Reckoning yeap studying to become a youth pastor for 4 years tottaly
      didnt lead me to know the bible one bit,nope,ofc i also had to do mental
      gymnastics to excuse the biblical fallacies and evils,and when i questioned
      my pastor and other older people,guess what?i got shuned and judged for
      questioning haha

  3. The billionaires laugh as they watch the country split in half by divisive
    issues. The corrupt Establishment Democrats make a platform that alienates
    people. The corrupt Establishment Republicans make a platform that
    alienates people. Then the majority in the middle is forced to choose one
    extreme or the other. The lesser of the two evils, that always leads to
    evil. Divide and conquer, it works like a charm. And TYT plays right
    into it.

    • +Thad Stevens if you’re going to play dumb I’m not going to even to be with
      you she has a long list of scandals but the current one is the email one

  4. As a southern liberal I must say while I understand the southern mock
    accent is in the name of comedy I feel like it perpetuates a stereotype
    about the south and I dislike stereo types ..people expect me to be a
    conservative nut job because of my southern drawl and things like this are
    the reason why

    • I’m sorry you have to deal with that. It must be tough being a liberal down

    • +Michael Quindlen I spent most if my life being quiet about my views .I
      used to live in va then georgia then Texas .is one if the reasons I love
      the liberal redneck I spent my whole life in the south then I moved to the
      north and people are constantly shocked at my liberal views being spoken in
      a southern accent …fir example I think it would end more violence to
      bankroll ending world Hunger into our military budget ..is only 30 billion
      out of 750 billion spent on weapons lol liberal southerners are the silent
      minority lol

    • +Michael Quindlen I think liberal southerners also tend to be more
      radically liberal by American standards than most due to being surrounded
      by radical right insanity

  5. “God-given rights” I keep hearing this from conservatives, fundamentalists,
    authoritarians and retards, but what rights does God give you? Plenty of
    commandments, laws, rules and responsibilities, but no rights.

    • +Connor Waite No Kill Stein has no chance to win at this moment. Honestly
      it would be a wasted voted. If you really care you would follow what Kyle
      Kulinski said.

    • Big corps r, really. A coup though is best in the hands of those who r in
      bed with the military, ala GOP. You r absolutely right. You now have one
      piece of the puzzle. Don’t believe me, look into it. Conspiracy theories
      don’t count.

    • +BW I’m no holy roller, I am Catholic, but the principles of respecting
      each other are something both the Golden Rule and the Bible represent. The
      Bible has the 10 Commandments, which are rules we should all do if we are
      of the Christian values and are guided by the Bible in our every day life
      but as a whole they are rules that anyone with respect for themselves and
      each other should have as well.

  6. This is the kind of platform I’d craft if I wanted my candidate to lose;
    are we SURE that the RNC isn’t trying to eliminate Trump as a nominee?

    • Well put LabTech, it is sad to see our nation act as though we are
      infallible and perfect, I love my country but the blind obedience to our
      exceptionalism is troubling on many levels. It becomes impossible to notice
      and correct the things you do not do well when you convince yourself
      everything you do is already perfection.

    • vorsye – I am afraid that you are wrong. Hi-liar-y “won” this “election”
      before it even start it.

    • +Falcon4242 I’m Canadian and my opinion to you would be to go with
      “Trump”… He might be your best chance of getting the USA out of the
      quagmire they created on the world stage…as for Killary…you can expect
      it to go deeper. You know very well what she stands for. Can you take
      another 4 years of lies. Think about it.

    • Eh, once again the republicans want the country to be ruled by the bible.
      In what way is that prefered over anything?

  7. Republicans became crazier. Democrats became more conservative and corrupt.
    Great news America, we are in lose-lose situation

  8. Religious people need to be classified as mentally ill & excluded from the
    voting process…

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